Ansel Elgort Recalls ‘Terrible’ Han Solo Audition; Lost Out on Elvis


Ansel Elgort new movie released in theatres this weekend “The Goldfinch“. It’s based on Donna Tartt’s bestselling tome. Probably the foremost necessary loss was as Elvis Aron Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming biopic, set to open in October 2021 from Warner Bros.

“With Elvis, I think it just wasn’t right. Or so they thought. That’s fine. Baz has a vision,” Elgort said. He recalled thinking, “If I don’t get Elvis, that means I get to go do a play sooner,” which is one of his ambitions. “That wasn’t a bad audition. I think it was great.

I was within the middle of motion-picture photography ‘West aspect Story,’ so it was a little hard. I watched a large amount of footage and memorized a number of his interviews simply to urge his pronunciation down and Panax quinquefolius a bunch of his stuff.”

Ansel Elgort Recalls ‘Terrible’ Han Solo Audition; Lost Out on Elvis
Ansel Elgort Recalls ‘Terrible’ Han Solo Audition; Lost Out on Elvis

Elgort said it came down to the fact that “I wasn’t really prepared.” The role of Elvis Presley ultimately went to “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” star Austin Butler earlier this summer.
Elgort also added that none of his recent roles were handed to him on a silver platter, including in “The Goldfinch.” “I did a lot of auditions and Quite sure that I did a good job in those auditions.

Same with ‘West aspect Story.’ I auditioned for months and months. I unbroken having to travel in and sway them that I might pair. The Han dynasty Solo factor, I keep in mind having a terrible audition,” he said.

The actor previously revealed apprehension about being cast as Han Solo. The main reason? Elgort didn’t want to change his nom-de-plume as a DJ (something he does on the side) Han solo.

The role ultimately went to Alden Ehrenreich in director Ron Howard’s troubled 2018 film “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Meanwhile, with “The Goldfinch” press chores winding to an end, Elgort will return to the set of Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” remake, in which the 25-year-old actor stars as swoony heartthrob Tony (played by Richard Beymer in Jerome Robbins’ and Robert Wise’s 1961 Technicolor-Panavision masterpiece).


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