App Review: Jackpot Party


Do you want to feel the excitement people in Las Vegas feel whenever they play a slots machine? You can do it without going to Las Vegas yourself, thanks to the Jackpot Party app!

Jackpot Party allow you to play slots and use virtual coins to feel the real casino experience without going out of your house. This review’s main character is Jackpot Party, so read this page to know if it’s something worth playing or if you should look for another game.

Jackpot Party Overview 

Jackpot party is a casino slots game available on desktop and mobile versions. If you want to play on its desktop version, you need to do it from Facebook, and if you prefer the mobile one, you only have to download the game from the AppStore or Play Store

This game focuses on slot games, so you can only find those here. Therefore, don’t expect to play any table games such as Blackjack on this app. However, there is a more than decent variety of slot games available for you to try.

One of the things that tell you this game is of high quality is how much time it’s been around since bad games don’t last as long as Jackpot Party. Despite being a game that is not new, people keep updating Jackpot Party, and the game has a big community in both its mobile and desktop versions. 

Apart from that, Jackpot Party does what it can to keep new players playing the game for a time, so it puts extra effort into making new players feel comfortable while playing. Doing that is ideal for people who don’t know a lot about casinos but want to try them for the first time. 


Classic slots machine: You don’t have to go to Vegas to enjoy slots

What Can I Do with Jackpot Party?

Since Jackpot party is mainly a slots game, you can find a wide range of slots from some of the best slot games, such as Zeus II and Forbidden Dragons. There are over 200 slot games in Jackpot Party, so you can spend hours playing without getting bored. 

You can also buy coins to get additional benefits from the games you are playing and become part of a VIP community. Users don’t need this to keep playing, but it gives them extra bonuses, such as extra daily spins and promotions for all slot games. 

User’s Experience


As far as user’s experience goes, Jackpot Party is a good game with a stylish and intuitive design, so it’s difficult for users to get lost while playing or not find the specific game they want to play at the time. 

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Apart from that, even if you only have slot games here, the wide variety of slots available for you makes it a game you may not get bored of in the short term, unlike other casino games that get you bored in a few weeks. Being a beginner at this game also gives you several benefits. 

When you sign up, you get six million virtual coins to keep playing, and that number of coins is one of the best, if not the best, among other casino games that give you much fewer coins when you start playing. 

Bonuses and promotions also keep the game while giving you additional benefits just to keep playing. Things such as Daily Spin prizes are common in casino games, and you also have a Daily Bonus Wheel for you to earn different rewards. You can also earn prizes for playing for a consecutive number of days.  

Special Features

Honey Pass

It is a monthly event that rewards you for completing your daily Honey-Dos and Extra Credits. Every month, this feature commences on the first and ends on the last.

Bingo Countdown

With this feature you can earn free coins and party prizes, but you need to unlock it first to be able to click on the Bingo Countdown icon to access the feature.

There are three tiers to progress: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You have to beat timers and match more complicated patterns as you progress through the tiers-but the party prizes get better and better.

Cleo’s Treasures

You can win a prize each week with Cléo’s Treasures, a fun weekly challenge.

Two keys are given away every day of the week – a silver key and a gold key. A platinum key also becomes available if you make a purchase that day. You’ll be more likely to win treasure if you log in every day.


This feature allows you to collect your favorite Jackpot Party characters. The All-Star you unlock becomes your profile picture when you unlock.

Pick’em Party

Playing Pick’em Party requires you to collect the specified number of Party Passes. Party prizes could include passes as one of many different rewards. It’s a game of chance, and the more balloons you pop, the bigger the prize you’ll win.

Epic Collections

The first time you enter Epic Collections, you will be guided through a brief tutorial and receive a free crate.

Crates are only found in party prizes, where cards can be found in crates. Some party prizes may not contain crates.

Like party prizes, crates come in different types. A crate progresses from Jack to Queen to King, then Ace to Epic. A Jack crate is more common than an Ace crate and the Epic crate is the rarest of all.

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Triple Golden Cherries Paths

This is a bonus game that has a time limit in which to complete it. You have the chance to win free coins, honey bucks, and dice while progressing through the game, as these rewards will be automatically added to your bankroll, honey bucks bank, and your dice bank respectively.

High Low Showdown

In this feature, you will need to grab some ammo as each bullet is worth 10 honey bucks. After the bonus round is completed, any leftover bullets you purchased through the Ammo Store will be converted back to honey bucks and returned. You’ll get a note in your mailbox where you can pick them up.


As long as you make purchases through Facebook or a mobile app store, you are protected by the likes of Google, Apple or Facebook, depending on where you are playing. Therefore, you can buy extra coins without worrying about payment security. In terms of security and logging in, Jackpot Party casino offers a great selection of payment methods.

Don’t Forget the Welcome Bonus

Jackpot party has a welcome bonus of 6,000,000 coins, which is a big advantage for a beginner. Any slot lover looking for somewhere new to play can make a great choice with this site.

Pros and Cons

Everything in life has some pros and cons, and Jackpot Party is not an exception to that, so it’s up to you to see if its pros are interesting enough to make you download it or if its cons are too much of a problem for you. 

Starting with the pros, Jackpot Party has a big community of players thanks to how much time it’s been available for people, so you play assured that the game is not going to die anytime soon. This community is more active on Facebook, and the game has over 10 million players worldwide. 

The number of slots available for you makes it more interesting to play each day, and its great user experience only adds to the game’s quality. Interfaces are important when playing new games, and Jackpot Party has an appealing interface to attract new players all the time. Also, it’s easy to get started thanks to the generous welcome bonus.

As for the cons, we would say the only one is that you can’t play any table games on it, so it could be boring for someone looking forward to playing different types of games to only have slots available for them. 

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be an issue for slots enjoyers. 

Bottom Line 

There are many casino games available for you on the Play Store and other websites, but not all of them are interesting enough for you to play them. Jackpot Party offers you a fresh experience that is ideal for both newcomers and slots lovers, so you shouldn’t hesitate to try it. 


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