Apple news updated: dispatches day by day email bulletin


Apple email dispatch now updates and comes with ample of features. Now the news will extend and you will receive a ” good morning ” in the daily newsletter. Earlier you might have noticed of receiving a mail alert. Now it’s extended in the Apple’s notifications. The company updated and featuring into the regular daily newsletter.

It also makes assurance of providing trusted news reports from the best sources. In addition to this top news breaking news and analysis will be provided back to back. Apple News is the best and most popular news app on the iPhone. Therefore decided to increase its features to make it more worthy. Publishers are trying to monetize the viewers with the advertisement.

Apple has also launched it’s new news app ” news +” that holds the report from the newspaper and providing access to 300 magazines.  Apple is taking 9.99$ for the monthly subscription. But the subscribers of new+ found less as expected. The process of updating is also measured to be slow.

Apple news updated: dispatches day by day email bulletin
Apple news updated: dispatches day by day email bulletin

According to the report, it is known that Apple launched different apps to increase the subscriber last month. But failed to reach the expectation of its own. The reason is not clear but might be the cost of the subscription. Some of the apps are Apple TV apple music apple news +.

Reportedly some users still found inconvenience in apple news+.  Some are seeing the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail and some are not even getting anything. Some are very unclear on how to opt for the feature. Some are receiving the mail notification still do not know how to opt. This becomes quite confusing for the user whether to explicitly sign-in to opt for the news.

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