Apple Stores are Being Upgraded With New 3D Window Displays



With its newest release of the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple has once again outdone itself in terms of ruling the technology empire. But the multinational technology chain’s innovation doesn’t just stop there. Apple stores around the globe are presently been under the process of upgrading to new 3D old-school 3D front windows displays at some locations and it has Apple fanatics glaring in mesmerization.

In addition to putting up these black curtains and Apple has also instructed to clean out and fix floor mechanisms that haven’t been used in years, and we suspect that it will most likely includes wires and other equipment used for anchoring the front displays. Let’s take a closer look into the company’s newest upgrade.

Apple store

Page from the old book 

Apple previously used intricate, eye-catching window displays with cutouts and designs showing off new products and features, but the practice was discontinued with the launch of the updated Apple Store designs. Now with the retail store displays updated to the old-school 3D front windows, it may seem like it may not be working as properly as it was intended to work. 

A change that is to come 

In the past, Apple used to change window display every time a new device was launched, decorated its windows with cutouts and other design elements that advertised the very latest Apple devices. However, the company stopped installing window displays after it updated Store designs.

Nothing wrong with trying something new 

Though Apple has always prescribed to a minimalistic look since the very launch of its stores, some fans have actually reported that a dash of color and life to Apple products wouldn’t be so bad afterall. This could possibly be the reason as to why Apple is experimenting with new colors for the upcoming iPhones. And perhaps why the company has now taken the trend to its stores.  

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