Apple Watch Series 5 to be announced on 10 September?


Never one to avert a bit of stage management, Apple had heavy rumours – that the date of its next product event will be 10 September, at its headquarters in Cupertino. We are likely to see the unveiling of some new iPhone models, but we are more eager in whether the next instalment of the Apple Watch will be there, too.

There have been rumours often regarding the Apple Watch Series 5, and its glimpses a lot like some ceramic and titanium models are on the way, but we won’t know for confident until the event.

Will there be an inclusive update into the Series 4 models, or are we in for a full update to the Apple Watch line? A something we all are hoping to find out super soon.


Apple reworked the design of its smartwatch for the Apple Watch Series 4, nipping the overall build and encompassing a gorgeous new edge-to-edge display. Because of that, we don’t really anticipate Apple to radically change the design of the Apple Watch Series 5, and while there may be minor tweaks, we predict the overall shape and look to remain the same.

Rumours do suggest that Apple may haul the Apple Watch Series 5 in a few tremendous new colours. According to a report from Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Series 5 will be available in ceramic and titanium models. The report cites citations found within iOS 13 that suggest this. Those new finishes should help set the Apple Watch Series 5 asunder from the Series 4.

Also according to what sources suggest Apple has already implied at the features to expect in the Apple Watch Series 5 when it announced WatchOS 6. Interestingly, the Apple Watch will ultimately get an App Store of its own— so you’ll be competent to download standalone apps directly to your watch without having to go through your iPhone. The device will also get satisfactorily at tracking how noisy your environment is, which could help protect your hearing, and it will offer good menstrual cycle tracking.

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