Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran


Barbara Corcoran, the real estate mogul at ABC ‘s reality show, Shark Tank. She is a famous entrepreneur, who always says that innovation doesn’t come by sitting at a desk.

It comes out when you explore more and break free. She strongly believes that one should work happily, then the exact output will come out.

She was born and brought from a huge family having nine siblings and she is the second oldest one. Her mother is her role model in working hard as well as smartly.

As Barbara ‘s life is mixed up with battles as well as praises she never gets stuck at any moment.

But when her brother John Corcoran, who died in the Dominican Republic in April, who lives in New Jersey, felt very bad and got depressed.

    Barbara Corcoran

She posted in an Instagram, “It’s made it to the news by now that my dear brother John passed away in the Dominican Republic back in April. He loved the DR and vacationed there frequently.

My brother had an existing heart condition and we believe he died of natural causes, but you’re still never ready for the death of a loved one”.

Barbara also faced a lot of ups and downs in her business too. She knew very well that to become an owner, we should be ready to face a lot of struggles. Shark Tank star knows how to pick up herself when she is down.” I hear myself and say, Stop. And then I say, ‘Something good has to come out of this-what is it?’ And I hunt for that”.

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An American Woman Entrepreneur became a living example of optimism. Before she starts real estate business, she had around 20 jobs in her hand like a supervisor, in charge, assistant, dropping papers at night, brokerage firm, waitressing. She says that she learned a lot from waitressing. She advises by giving quotes like- “The hardest lessons to learn is that you’re more capable than you think you are-”.



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