Based on it’s design patent, The sony PlayStation 5 console gets rendered


Gaming experience has leaped manifold, all because of the massive development in the field of technology. All brilliant minds have come together to give the enriching experience. 

The PlayStation Fascination

Play Stations, the gaming consoles have made the gaming sensation, next to real for all the game lovers. The graphics, the sound, the theme, when clubbed together, gives the addictive results. The games are truly engaging, and there is no denying it. 

Since the launch of the first PlayStation, it kept developing with each model and simultaneously the addiction kept increasing among the ardent game lovers. Till date, PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 4 is available, and the much-awaited PlayStation 5 is in the news. 

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PlayStation is back again

PlayStation 5 is anticipated to release in mid-2020. Although the developers and the company has stayed very secretive about its detail and designing, there was a leak, of its first developing image. And surely there was a meticulous analysis made. 

The patent design was leaked and the Dutch Publication took to prepare the 3D rendering that would be used for the analysis further. LetsGoDigital did the intriguing job of putting together the assumed design from the design patent.

The PlayStation 5 has a bulky shape and size when compared to the previous consoles. It looks like a rough replica night vision device. It is designed with three multimedia buttons in such a way it forms a ‘V’ in the center. This ‘V’ is believed to be depicting five (The Roman numeral). This five may be self-explanatory for PlayStation 5. 

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It was also painted to be black or on great scale in the rendered design. This dark hue tends to give a sophisticated and classy look to the game console. 

The rendered design is always speculation. None can be sure that it is the final design. The development kit always holds a proposed design, and mostly the released product design is largely different. After the trials and tests, there are surely changes made in accordance with the needs. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro too, had bulky designs in the development kits, but the console we play on is totally different. 

The upcoming console will be having some of the best specifications. The proposal says it, that it will be powered by AMD chip. It has the 7 nm Zen 2 microarchitecture, which will help run the octa-core chip. It will also support the 8K graphics that compliment the PlayStation 5. 

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All that you need to know about PlayStation 5

Albeit Sony, avoided attending Gamescom 2019 and E3 Gaming Expo in 2019, it is anticipated to announce the PlayStation and its designs at E3 Expo 2020. 

For now, all that we know is, PlayStation 5 will be released next year, in mid-2020 tentatively. There is a  rendered design that is proposing the look, but it may modify over time until launch. The trials will help in developing it even better for gaming enthusiasts. 



  1. All I’d like to say is wow! Very sophisticated design, looks sleek. Can’t wait to see the games that will be featured on the PS5. The specs will offer gamers high end output like never seen before on previous models. One question though, will it be backwards adaptable for current PS4 titles? I really hope that it is.

  2. Actually we shouldn’t take care of design… It’s more important what will be inside 😉 after PS5 is already comfired, it would be really nice if Sony could reveal some details about specs…


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