Ben Lewis Is Up For Being A Regular In The Final Arrow Season 8


For the eighth and final season of CW’s linchpin superhero franchise Ben Lewis, who portrayed the Clayton on Arrow as William “Will,” was added to a regular series.

Lewis appeared first on Arrow in the Season 7 Premiere last October, introducing him to the title hero’s son as a future adult version. (William Jack Moore was depicted as a kid of Will’s present-day version). Will is the child of the late Samantha Clayton and the former millionaire Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who fights the crime as an archer.

The working title/focus comics, directed by Dakota Johnson (the Fifty Shades series) and Tracee Ellis Ross (Blackish), have been written by Lewis on the feature film Covers and Late Night. Credits for Lewis include roles in Scott Pilgrim’s Vs. The World and The Handmaid’s Tale by Edgar Wright, as well as recurring roles at Traits, Chasing Life and Degrassi.

The graduation of the Canadian National Theatre School also has credits for the Zero Reconnaissance (the Toronto International Film Festival’s premiere) and the Apart from All Films short films.

Training Day

With the premiere of Season 8, Arrow returns to The CW on 15 Oct at 9 pm. “Starling City” The new season started previously this month, but on Saturday there will be an admission panel at the comics congress in San Diego (3:30 p.m., ballroom 20) with an envoy representing the show’s cast and creativity team.

The shorter duration of Arrow Stage 8 will be noteworthy and will only count 10 episodes rather than the usual 22 or 23. It was observed that around the moment of the 2019 Arrowverse Crossover Crisis on Infinite Earth, the Arrow series finale will take place. The hero’s death during the case (generally the fifth week of the broadcast season) is suspected of Oliver leasing an initial episode and ending the tale of the first Green Arrow.

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