Benefits of staying at homestays in Munnar


Munnar is a town in the Ghats of the mountain range of Kerala state. It is famous for its teas and cliffs. The views are breathtaking and many tea and spice plantations were set up by the British. The place is like a slice of heaven for those who love the greenery and the mountains and are looking for an escape from their regular life. We all need to take vacations from time to time. we plan on these vacations alone; it can either be a group vacay or a solo trip to the hills to give us the relaxation we are looking for. one of the best things to do while on a trip is to try to stay at a homestay. There are many benefits of staying at homestays in Munnar and you need to experience it to get the best out of your trip.

Munnar is one of the towns which is green all year round since it is located among the hills, it is also known as the “Kashmir of South India” so the place really is heavenly and worth the visit. If you are a couple, then you should try visiting as it is also a great honeymoon destination.

One of the best things you can try at a place like Munnar is staying at a homestay, to get the full effect of the visit and appreciating the beauty of the place. One can never know enough till you live among the natives of the place. There are different cultures, cuisines and traditions that we aren’t familiar with and by staying at a homestay we are open to new and authentic experiences.

So, here are some of the benefits of staying at homestays in Munnar:

  1. Connections: There are many great homestays available at Munnar and the people you meet will be of a different kind, you will meet other new people of the town and there becomes a bond between you and them. This kind of experience is never achieved when you stay in a hotel. The hotels and resorts are formal and they only treat you as a visitor but when you stay at a homestay you are making a connection with the family and the locals around the stay, this helps you learn a lot about the place and gives you a new kind of perspective that is needed when you are travelling. If you love to explore then this is a great chance for you to make new bonds with different kinds of people.
  2. Affordable: When you stay at a hotel, you end up spending a lot of money as there are many different hidden charges and taxes added to the bill, there are also food costs and miscellaneous costs that can take a toll on your pocket, if you are planning a vacation with a budget in mind, then you should consider staying at a homestay as it is a much better option than choosing a hotel or a villa since you will again have to pay differently everywhere, whereas the homestay provides you with authentic food in the home itself so you get the full-on experience and also do some cost-cutting while you are at it.
  3. Tradition: The places of Southern parts of India are rich and diverse in their cultures, there is a hint of the colonial rule that lasted for 200 years and also the traditions that have been for centuries before that. The tea farms and spice farms are the ones bought by the British and it gives a different kind of touch to the place. You will also learn a lot about the culture and lifestyle of the people who stay there as their traditions are different. When you stay at someone’s home, you are kind of peeping into someone’s life and taking a look at it, this will help you in understanding how different everyone’s lifestyle is all over India and also learn new ways of living the life to the fullest. Knowing about new customs and traditions also takes great relief from all the stress and gives you an escape that you need from your day to day life.
  4. Food: The South Indian food has many varieties and Kerala is a mixture of people of different religions staying together in harmony, their food is also inspired by that and has many varieties so when you stay at a homestay you get to try all kinds of different foods and you also get to try the delicacies which people might cook during festivals. The cultural food of Kerala is loved by everyone and it would be great if you try it authentically from someone who will cook for you in a traditional manner which is the most exotic way of cooking. this experience you will only get in a homestay as hotels do not provide the authentically cooked food as the homes do.
  5. Hidden Gems: Sometimes, the tourist places have hidden gems that no one knows about, if you love exploring then you should consider staying at a homestay as the locals of Munnar can take you to places that tourists might not be allowed or might not know of, like some waterfall or a beautiful cliff or anything that is a great feast to the eyes, these places are well known only by locals, and the people of the homestay can take you. since you will be making many connections it will help you in exploring better. If you are a solo traveller, then you should try it as you never know what place you will get to see on your next trip to Munnar.
  6. Authenticity: The people, the culture, the food everything is authentic and if you love to experience everything raw then the homestay is the one for you as you get to experience everything in its pure form.
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So, here were the benefits of staying at homestays in Munnar and you should consider staying to have the best experience.


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