Best Antivirus Softwares for Enterprises in 2022 


If you run a business in this modern age, it is easy to guess that you have also created a digital presence for yourself and your business. But what usually follows such online exposure is cyber attacks.

Whether running a business website, social media accounts, emails, or any other online resource, you’re prone to hacks, malware attacks, phishing, and other cybersecurity risks. This is why you must have antivirus software available at your disposal.

Luckily, you’ll find countless software tools for your cybersecurity needs. Depending on what your business is focused on, you may not need all the possible cybersecurity software out there. Cybersecurity tools are created to suit your business size, conditions, and employee needs.

Employees are one of the most famous avenues cyber attackers leverage to destabilize company systems or to access business resources without being unauthorized.

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is software that helps to fight or prevent virus attacks on a computer. But, unlike many years back when the most prominent malicious computer attacks were just viruses, the form of attacks and insecurity in cyberspace has metamorphosed into an enormous beast haunting data, systems, and networks. Hence, antivirus software now does more than prevent the virus. They are security software, combating all malicious software attacks.

Modern antivirus software can detect malware and remove it while performing other security functions like web traffic monitoring, email scanning, and ultimately barring all attacks from causing harm to a computer network.

However, businesses built with a few hands employed need to do more with their antivirus software to protect themselves. This difference creates a gap between the different antivirus software available for enterprises. 

So, What Should You Look Out For in a Business Antivirus Software?

Picking the best antivirus software for your business is critical in your cybersecurity strategy. With a huge part of your business being available on the internet, security cannot be relegated to whatever circumstance. Your company’s survival is dependent on it. Even your employees and customers will determine how reliable your company is by the level of security in place for their data.

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To pick an antivirus software for your enterprise in 2022, it must entail these features:

Email Security: Phishing attacks are carried out through emails, targeting unsuspecting employees to provide sensitive information about your company. Hence, antivirus software must provide security to prevent data leaks and phishing attacks.

Anti-Malware: The primary essence of antivirus software is to protect against malicious software. So, every potential antivirus software provider must have high-security provisions and be automatically updated when needed to fix bugs and improve protection.

Cloud-Based: Most companies are now storing their data on cloud-based networks, and you’ll want to know if the antivirus program is cloud-based to meet current demands. Secure Access Service Edge is one network and security architecture that provides optimal security for organizations. Some SASE use cases include WAN modernization, edge computing & IoT, cloud adoption and migration, workforce transformation, and VPN replacement.

Check OS Support: Not all antivirus software will support all OS systems. So it is essential to check with your provider to be sure you are getting the best software for your system.

Price: Going for cheap security options may not be smart. This doesn’t mean that expensive software equates to high-quality features. So, it is essential to choose the best option within your budget.

Now here are the best antivirus software for enterprise in 2022

1. Norton Antivirus

Norton is a highly-rated antivirus program provider. It is imbued with great antivirus features suitable for a sustainable cybersecurity system for businesses and private individuals. One of the top benefits of the Norton software is that it offers real-time solutions, offers email security, and its security is cloud-based, requiring no extra hardware. In addition, it provides 24/7 support for organizations and their employees.

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Another bonus reason to consider Norton is its spam-blocking feature and the provision of security against human error factors. And it can be controlled through the Norton Small Business Management platform.

2. McAfee

McAfee is one of the oldest antivirus software available on the market. Regardless, it is still loaded with many benefits for business owners and personal use. It allows you to use different scans for optimal protection. 

You can use a Vulnerability scan to fix the most critical security patches, a Firewall to strengthen your device’s immunity, VPN as an extra security layer. And while you can enjoy the free version, there is the paid version that allows you to protect a countless number of devices.

3. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is another cloud-based technology that also integrates traditional signature-based malware scanning with machine learning technology to detect all forms of malware attacks. Some of the Bitdefender features include root cause analysis, network security, firewall, sandbox analyzer, web and exploit protection, application, and device control, MITRE event tagging and anomaly defense, and Endpoint risk analytics, detection, and response.

Bitdefender is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is lightweight, efficient, and relatively simple to use advanced antivirus programs on the market.

4. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is imbued with multiple features that are suitable for securing startups and small and big businesses. It combines cloud-based and malware database machine learning to detect threats like keyloggers, ransomware, trojans, rootkits, and even new threats.

Some Kaspersky key features include a firewall, centralized access, encryption and patch management, company-wide policies regarding apps and websites, and network protection.

In Conclusion

Whether you are running a business website, social media accounts, emails, or any other online resource, you’re prone to hacks, malware attacks, phishing, and other cybersecurity risks. But you can enhance the safety of your resources by either considering deploying any of these best antivirus software for businesses: Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, or Kaspersky.



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