Best Practices in Creating an Attractive Presentation Deck

Attractive Presentation Deck

Whether starting a business or expanding your resources, you will most likely need to attract potential investors and partners. And if the pressure of looking for external finances gets to you, you’ll also need outside help with making an outstanding and attractive presentation deck

As a budding entrepreneur, you must understand that the primary step towards being funded is to present an ideal pitch deck. It would be best to communicate a pitch deck that draws excitement, something that would convince investors and business partners to invest in your business. Here, we will reveal the necessary elements of a successful pitch deck and the importance of having an attractive presentation deck. Continue reading!

What is a pitch deck?

In the entrepreneur’s world, a pitch deck is a presentation that provides an overview of a business. The streamlined presentation includes a visual document about products, services, and current traction, among others. More so, a successful pitch deck should also contain the goals and vision of your brand and, most of all, a compelling reason for people to invest in your business.

Simple, right? But it doesn’t end here.

Typically, entrepreneurs miss out on the importance of designing their slides with visuals and appropriate content. And this causes them to lose their client’s interest and the funding they need. Indeed, you don’t want to be one of them. Hence, follow this guide made by experts on how to make powerful presentation decks!

Take note of these 4 best practices.

Now, entrepreneurs need to understand that it is imperative to follow best practices — if they want to ace their presentation. So, here are the four best practices that one should apply when building an attractive presentation deck! 

  • Design a striking cover slide.

Most — in this case, everyone — make instant judgments during first meetings. When you show the slide cover of your presentation, your audience immediately sees a glimpse of your entire pitch deck. Ideally, you would want to establish an early sign of engagement. You can achieve this through a compelling cover, one that hooks them into wanting to learn about your business more.  

Design a striking cover slide.

There are several vital details that you can incorporate into your cover but limit the content, such as what they can expect from your presentation. As an example, the cover template above shows a brief phase of what the presentation is about. 

  • It’s also about the visual journey.

Even if you’re pitching your products and services to a corporate business, remember that they are still human. It means that they also need visual aids instead of a lengthy paragraph on your presentation. Heavy-loaded text slides can bore your audience, causing them to miss out on your great concept. 

Did you know that 65 percent of the human population relies on visuals for learning? It’s best to use graphs, charts, and images to convey your message rather than simple text. For the best illustration of this tip, check out the template below. 

It’s also about the visual journey.

This is where you can show them the nitty-gritty details in an effortless and straightforward method with visuals. From this perspective, potential investors can follow your message and help you establish a smooth connection with them. In other words, you spare yourself from receiving follow-up questions or the famous “I beg your pardon.” 

  • Introduce your product professionally. 

Like visuals, photography also plays an essential role in presenting your products or services. Even if you’re on a tight budget, a good image of your product can speak for itself and can captivate investor interest.

Introduce your product professionally.

Here, you’re able to see photos of Airbnb’s best accommodations. It is a great way to prove that their rooms and services can entice customers into making a reservation. 

  • Maintain consistency with color palette and typography. 

This is the most common tip you will ever hear when preparing a presentation deck: consistency. When choosing a color palette, usually, two or three colors make the entire presentation attractive. In addition, your typography should also be aligned with your concept and brand. However, you should also master typographic design according to the categories in your content.

To organize your content according to typographic hierarchy, you can divide it into these various types:

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Body copy
  • Captions

And to give you an example of a template that follows consistency in text and color, see this image below. 

Attractive Presentation Deck

By the same token, you can also use the color palette and fonts based on your leading brand’s identity. Take this into consideration, and you’ll lead clients to think that you are serious about your pitch deck and brand. 

If you think about it, you can’t just set up a meeting with a potential investor without a well-prepared pitch deck. Creating one does not only help you show a seamless presentation, but it also aids your audience in understanding your advocacy and services. 

You can win them over without the trouble of making a presentation deck from a blank document. At Venngage, we have hundreds of editable and ready-to-use design templates that can carry out a powerful pitch deck presentation. Ready to sell your business? Then create a blockbuster slide deck with us! 





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