Best Value Flat Fee MLS in Michigan

Flat Fee MLS in Michigan

The purpose of using a flat fee MLS is to save a considerable amount on listing – possibly buyer – agent commissions. So, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to spend the vast majority of what you’re saving on a flat fee MLS. Then if you factor in the component that you’re doing all of the work yourself, the flat fee MLS Michigan property sellers choose, should be the one that makes investing the time worth saving the money. To help you make that decision, reviewing this list of best value flat fee Michigan MLS listing services is the first step. This blog is basically all about Best Value Flat Fee MLS in Michigan.

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As one of the best flat fee MLS Michigan homeowners can access, Houzeo offers preferable cost to worth benefits. The platform automates many of the processes you would otherwise have to do manually, eliminating the time-intensive process of an FSBO sale.

Additionally, you save on the buyer agents fee since Houzeo gives you complete control over how much you want to pay. You have the choice of selecting a buyer agent commission from 0.00% to 4.00% that increases in 0.25 increments. These features extend to all of the pricing tiers. 

Houzeo also has syndication to all the most important Michigan MLSs, guaranteeing relevant buyers to discover your home.

If you want to access one of the 6 Michigan MLSs syndicates, they are a cost-effective option. For only $399 you receive a 6-month listing and 40 property photos, among other benefits. 

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However, where they fall short compared to Houzeo’s game-changing options is that they’re the opposite of automated. Everything requires you to complete a list of arduous steps, many of which can be completed online. Take the listing agreement, you need to download, print, sign, then scan the document, whereas you can achieve the same result with Houzeo’s eSignature option.

 Then, you’ll also spend time countering offers and could lose out on potential savings because makes it difficult for clients to find you directly from the site.

Luxury Living Flat Fee

As one of the cheapest options on this list, Luxury Living Flat Fee offers homeowners three tiers. The cheapest starts at $149 for a basic package which are the bare necessities for listing a property or piece of land. The second tier at $249 offers the type of features you need to establish a successful FSBO sale. However, the most costly option – $1999 for a 12-month listing – includes standard features available on Houzeo’s and’s cheaper tiers.

 Bottom line, although Luxury Living Flat Fee is the more affordable option of the three options on this list, they lack the structure and features, meaning they don’t provide much value.

The truth is if you’re searching for the best flat fee MLS Michigan homeowners can access, part of your search should be calculating the total cost of your time spent. Then deciding: do you just want a cheaper option, or does convenience and customer service matter?



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