Best vine maker apps

Best vine maker apps
Best vine maker apps

Best vine maker apps – Vine was an app launched in 2013. It gained massive popularity and it had 200 million active users by the end of 2015. The app was founded in 2012 and acquired by Twitter in October 2012. After which it was released in February 2013.

Vine is short for short video service. It allowed its users to upload six seconds long videos which could be played on a loop.

The videos made on Vine could be shared on Facebook and Twitter. It was a competition for Instagram and Mobli. Twitter, 2016, removed the upload option from the app. The users could view and download the previously uploaded Vines.

The upload option of Vine was discontinued because it did not remain monetary as it was before. Instagram introduced Instagram Videos which would let the users upload fifteen seconds long videos. The users and sponsors shifted to long video platforms.

Best vine maker apps
Best vine maker apps

What remains of the app is the video that got famous and with these videos came the people who gained popularity with it.

Lele Pons, Liza Koshy are some of the examples. These Viners shifted to YouTube. But they are also very active on other social media platforms.

The demand for short video is not all gone. People like to watch short videos because they are short and sweet, and not stretched out. To make such videos, you need some cool apps. We can find a lot of apps to choose from.

All the apps offer different features for editing the vines. The edits make the vine more presentable and attractive to the viewers. The viewers will recommend the video further if the vine is cool and attention-grabbing.

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There are a lot of apps to choose from to edit vines. Here are some best vine editing apps which are used widely and are good.

1.Viva Videos

To create a professional vine, Viva is the app for you. Users can edit, make a slideshow or even edit a movie on this app. It has numerous special effects like filters, subtitles, animated clips, etc. for users to choose from.

To enhance the vine, users can use fonts, funky texts, add music, apply various transitions, live subtitles or dubbing. Users can also slow down or fast forward to the vines. The app allows its user to share the video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

2.InShots – Video Editor and Video Maker

The app allows its user to add texts in funky fonts, stickers, FX, music, transitions, filters, and live subtitles. The app also has the feature to control the speed of the video. The audio can also be adjusted and background can be blurred.

3.Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos, Music, Clips

This app is by GoPro. It lets the user add up to seventy-five pictures from any source like the gallery, Google Photos, Dropbox, GoPro Plus and others. There twenty-three themes to choose from. It allows the user to trim, reorder, rotate the pictures and videos.


FlimoraGo is a very famous and widely used app. It allows the user to share their exclusive videos on the social media platform. Users can edit unlimited videos with a variety of filters to choose from. The unique feature of the app is that it allows its user to record, karaoke, or voiceover the videos.

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VideoShow is popular among android as well as iOS users. It has a feature add music and it is easier to make and edit the intro for vlog or photos. Downloaded by over 400 million users, the app is easy for beginners and directors. The features are practical and not hard to use.

All the above-mentioned apps are available from smartphones. These apps are widely used. Along with these, there are other apps that you can choose from. These are KineMaster, Magisto, VideoShop, Funimate, Lomotif, Vizmato, VLLO, etc.


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