Better Vision: How to Choose Your LASIK Surgeon

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Should you be thinking of correcting your vision through eye laser surgery in Sydney, choosing your ophthalmologist is one of the paramount decisions you’ll ever make. If you live in this capital of New South Wales in the Land Down Under, then you are lucky. Sydney happens to be a robust city with advanced technology and healthcare sciences, so eye correction through laser can be readily achieved. Actually you can take your pick when it comes to eye surgeons because there are many eye clinics in Sydney. 

It may be overwhelming for you to pick your eye laser surgery or LASIK centre, so it would help to do your homework and check out the different doctors to see who will work best for you in terms of personality and bedside manner. After all, selecting your care provider hinges a lot on trust. You must have confidence in your doctor, especially since this person is handling such a crucial task. 

You want to achieve clear eyesight and not lose your sight. Going to a fly by night clinic in Sydney can result in that, so researching the reputation of your eye centre matters. If you are thinking about what criteria you should look for when you are evaluating your eye surgeon, take a look at the following elements below to help with your decision-making process: 

Experience of the Doctor

This is the most vital qualification when you assess which eye laser surgery centre in Sydney to patronise. Your eye surgeon must have the credentials and skills to get the job done. He must be a trained ophthalmic surgeon who has extensive training in LASIK. Ask your provider how many eye laser surgery procedures he or she has done. If the answer is less than a fifty, then take your business elsewhere. Go for a professional that has handled at least a thousand cases. 

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Meet Industry Standards

Make sure your doctor, the staff, the clinic, and the equipment meet industry standards. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. An honest doctor will speak the truth. When it comes to eye laser surgery, the most basic standard is meeting the ones for selecting patients. Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK. Before you get the procedure, your doctor must pre-screen you to ascertain if this is the treatment you need. They will do several quick vision tests, including an eye dilation. If you have thin corneas or cataracts, you may need a different procedure. 

Comfort is Key

If you are planning to get eye laser surgery in Sydney, your comfort level with your surgeon is another crucial factor. Enquire your doctor with a lot of questions and gauge the replies. If this person seems irritated and eager to get you out of the door, those are red flags. Your care provider should be keen to answer your questions to assuage your fears and doubts. 

A reputable ophthalmologist will educate you, so you will be able to make an informed choice. Apart from the benefits, you will be made fully aware of the possible risks of this delicate procedure. When you go for your consultation, you should not feel pressured to get this done by the doctor and this staff. 

Realistic Goals

Be wary of clinics that promise absolute vision correction. Eye laser surgery is an excellent procedure, but results are not the same for everyone. There are certain limitations to what it can achieve, depending on the health and existing vision of the patient. For some, it may not give them perfect vision but only a better vision. Your eyes will also continue to change as you age, so reading glasses down the line may be inevitable. An upfront doctor will be honest about these caveats. 

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Do Extensive Research

Finally, as with anything you buy in life, do your research. Check out the Sydney Chamber of Commerce and Australian Society of Ophthalmologists to see if your prospective doctor is a member. If possible, get recommendations from family and friends who have had this procedure so that you can get a detailed review of their experiences. You can also ask the clinic staff to give you additional references of past patients who are willing to share about their eye journey. Moreover, go the extra mile and check ratings and testimonials online. 

Final Word

It is understandable why you want to pick the best and most qualified surgeon to help you achieve better eyesight. Make it your mission to check out different eye clinics in Sydney to assess which one is the best choice. You are putting your eyes on the hands of this medical professional, so it must definitely be someone you can count on to perform an excellent job.


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