Big red and barbacoa to discount menu adds on San Antonio movie theater

Big red and barbacoa to discount menu adds on San Antonio movie theater
Big red and barbacoa to discount menu adds on San Antonio movie theater

A Facebook post from City Base Entertainment – Cinema and Arcade, a cinema at Brooks City Base, uncovers that the snack bar menu currently includes a San Antonio staple: barbacoa and Big Red. 

Local people getting a flick can score two barbacoa tacos and a huge Big Red for $10. While that may run you more than your typical taqueria, it is anything but an awful arrangement considering concession costs. City Base Entertainment highly esteems being the main venue to offer Big Red. 

In the event that you need to down some barbacoa while getting the most recent adjustment of Little Women or the Bad Boys continuation, you can with what has all the earmarks of being a constrained time bargain. Simply make certain to bring the aguacate.$1 popcorn drinks offered during the opening week 

Big red and barbacoa to discount menu adds on San Antonio movie theater
Big Red and barbacoa to discount menu add on San Antonio movie theater

SAN ANTONIO – Flix Brewhouse has set an opening date for its initiatives to eat in cinema and microbrewery in the San Antonio showcase. 

The performance center is booked to open Feb. 12 close to The Shops at Dove Creek at Loop 1604 and Potranco Road, the Round Rock-based organization said in a news discharge. 

Tickets are presently at a bargain at, however as of Wednesday evening, “Flying creatures of Prey” is the main film with tickets accessible for procurement. 

San Antonio cinema adds Big Red and barbacoa to concession menu 

From opening day until Feb. 16, the auditorium will offer a few arrangements, including $1 popcorn and $1 Pepsi drinks on every one of those days. 

On opening day, tickets will be valued at $5.25. 

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On Feb. 13 – known as Galentine’s Day – the performance center will offer discounted jugs of wine and a free glass of champagne during an appearing of “Steel Magnolias.” Tickets for this demonstrating will go at a bargain in February. 

Santikos declares new auditorium on the far northwest side of San Antonio 

There is additionally an advancement offering a free 16 ounces of lager through March 1. 

“We are energized for San Antonians to encounter the new Flix Brewhouse with reduced cost tickets during our opening day in addition to more extraordinary ideas than we’ve at any point done previously,” Greg Johnson, chief of offers and advertising, said in a news discharge. 

This is the first San Antonio area for the organization that has theaters in El Paso; Frisco; Round Rock; Albuquerque, N.M.; Carmel, Indiana; Chandler, Arizona; Des Moines, Iowa; and Madison, Wisconsin. A performance center in Oklahoma City is not far off.



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