Bitcoin as a global Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTCUSD) is a digital currency that is not administered by a central bank. The latter, on the other hand, is considered valuable because it is issued by a monetary authority is widely used in the market. Because of the Bitcoin network’s decentralized structure, digital currency is rarely used for regular purchases.

Bitcoin’s worth can be likened to the value of precious metals. Both are in little supply and serve a specific purpose. Gold, for example, is utilized in industrial applications, but the underlying technology of the Bitcoin blockchain is utilized in the financial industry. Because of its digital origins, Bitcoin may one day be utilized for retail sales.

What is the purpose of conventional currencies of value?

Each of the six key attributes of a working currency is present in a working currency: scarcity, divisibility, usability, mobility, durability, and resistance to forgery. If a currency possesses these characteristics, it can be widely accepted in an economy. They also keep inflation under control and ensure that the currencies are safe to use.

To put it another way, the currency is helpful when it serves as a store of value or when its worth is consistently maintained over time. Commodities and precious metals have been utilized as payment systems in many communities throughout history because their worth was seen to be relatively stable.

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Communities gradually accepted coined cash rather than unwieldy cocoa beans, gold, or other early forms of money. They were utilized in the first such currencies because of their extended shelf lives and low risk of depreciation. 1

The value of currencies is a contentious issue. They were first regarded for their physical characteristics. Gold’s value is determined by factors such as extraction costs and quality qualities such as brilliance and purity content.

The Market Capitalization of Cryptocurrency

Any discussion of Bitcoin’s value must take into account the nature of cash. Because of its intrinsic physical properties, gold was desired as a currency, but it was also inconvenient. Even while paper money was a step forward, it needed manufacturing and storage and lacked the mobility of digital currencies. Physical characteristics of digital money have given place to more functional ones.

Here’s an example of a formalized Fed Governor Ben Bernanke who went on CBS’ 60 Minutes in 2008 to discuss how the Fed “saved” insurance giant American International Group (AIG) and other financial corporations from bankruptcy by providing them with funds during the 2008 financial crisis. The Federal Reserve, according to the interviewer, had generated billions of dollars. However, this was not the case.

Why Is Bitcoin So Valuable?

Bitcoin’s utility is limited in the absence of government backing and a network of middleman banks. In the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin network, consensus-based transactions are approved by a decentralized network of independent nodes. There is no fiat authority, such as the government or another monetary authority, that can serve as a counterparty to risk and compensate lenders if they are unable to do so if a transaction fails.

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There are numerous problems in determining the value of Bitcoin

One of the most important challenges is the value of Bitcoin as a store of currency. The usefulness of Bitcoin as a store of value is determined by and its ability to function as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin will be meaningless as a store of value if it is not acknowledged as a medium of exchange.

Because of challenges with bitcoin storage and trading spaces, there are questions about Bitcoin’s use and transferability. In recent years, digital money has been plagued by hackers, robberies, and fraud.

Bitcoin’s Monetarist Value

To assign a monetary value to Bitcoin, we must first assess how widespread adoption will be in various businesses. For the sake of Cryptocurrency valuation, a 15% market penetration statistic for Bitcoin as a currency and Bitcoin as a store of value will be used in this article. If you have a different opinion on this projection, please express it and modify the valuation accordingly.


To conclude, the Bitcoin system resembles a fiat currency in certain ways. The only way to produce a fake bitcoin is to double-spend. As an example, suppose a user “spent” or transferred the same bitcoin in two or more different settings.


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