Bitech Max Review — Is Legitimate or Not?


The FX industry is one of the fastest growing in the whole global economy. While its growth slows down in some specific areas due to overexposure, it gains even more presence in new national markets. In this extremely competitive environment, it is hard to stay relevant and retain a good reputation. Bitech Max is one of the brokerage service providers that managed to do just that. It is a company with a diverse selection of investment products highly rated by thousands of its loyal customers from across the globe.

Financial instruments at Bitech Max

The broker grants you access to a wide range of financial instruments to allow all traders to find a good asset to work with. You will be able to trade currencies, futures, CFD contracts, and many other instruments. Depending on how volatile you like your instruments, you may choose obscure speculative assets or more predictable currency pairs and futures on commodities.

Investment products at Bitech Max

If you are interested in creating passive income and diversifying your portfolio with more flexible options, you will find various investment packages offered by Bitech Max quite compelling. The company offers trust management, automation, social trading, and more products that allow you to earn money passively. The selection of different products may overwhelm you initially, but it is easy to learn how these systems work.

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The trading terminal at Bitech Max

Active traders rely on instruments provided by platforms to perform well in financial markets. The trading terminal at Bitech Max is a powerful tool with many instruments that allow for thorough technical analysis and price tracking. While the terminal is not as feature-rich as highly specialized products like TradingView and MetaTrader4.

These two platforms are fully compatible with Bitech Max. You can use MT4 to access their servers and trade using the vast spectrum of sophisticated analytical tools offered by the community of MetaTrader users.

Education at Bitech Max

The knowledge base contains educational materials targeting all sorts of traders. For example, novice traders will be happy to learn more about the basics and some technical analysis tricks that are commonly used by experienced investors. Seasoned veterans will find some tutorials and investment strategies inspiring.

If you think that education here is limited, you are right. Brokers provide only the necessary fundamentals and nothing more. If you want to be a more efficient trader, make sure to expand your horizons by attending specialized webinars, reading books, and practicing.

Customer support at Bitech Max

When it comes to handling issues encountered by clients using the website, the support team at Bitech Max is one of the best in the industry. You receive responses from specialists within minutes. Employees are competent and can solve your problem quickly. You can reach out to the team via phone line, e-mail, or live chat. The latter method is the most reliable and convenient.

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User reviews about Bitech Max

Testimonials left by users are mostly positive and praise various aspects of the platform including the versatility of their catalog of financial instruments, the responsiveness of the customer support team, and the quickness of banking. In general, users believe that the company is reliable and trustworthy.

Fees and margin accounts at Bitech Max

All day traders think about fees and commissions. Bitech Max has a flexible spread system meaning that some assets have lower spreads while others may have higher spreads. Additionally, you will have more opportunities to control risks by manually adjusting the credit when using leveraged positions.

Note that we do not encourage making trading by inexperienced users. Using borrowed funds can be devastating when you do not fully understand the ramifications of using leveraged positions. However, if you do want to use credit, you can always adjust the size of it while trading with Bitech Max.

The main takeaway

When searching for the best option in this industry, you should choose companies that have distinct advantages and offer access to diverse financial instruments and investment products. Bitech Max is a reliable provider of brokerage services that checks all the boxes!


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