BMW M confirms ‘electrification’ development for large models, no plans of ‘hybrid’ M2, M3 or M4


Technology is advancing day by day in every sector. BMW is going to switch to plug-in
Hybrid power to satisfy with tight stringent emissions standards, next generation
Models of BMW M will be coming into force in Europe with plug-in hybrid power, but
However, the firm is demand on choosing petrol-electric tech.

Will be far better for Larger models, on confront with media at the recent m festival, Markus flash who is the head of BMW m division have confirmed having hybrid power ‘on standby’ for ready.

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To use but still, firms have no plans and rush to launch electrification. Following Mr. Flasch says, “I can assure you we’re working on electrification”, and I have driven
Petrol-electric vehicles from the M team. I’ve driven plug-in hybrids from the M team.

BMW M confirms ‘electrification’ development for large models, no plans of 'hybrid' M2, M3 or M4
BMW M confirms ‘electrification’ development for large models, no plans of ‘hybrid’ M2, M3 or M4

It’s there but refused to share data on its production start date and end date by saying that we are working on it, the models.

which will see electrification won’t be sure, the core, the most distilled Projects such as the M2, M3, and M4. If we do something that will bring weight it’s very likely to be a heavier, larger car.

The X5 m today is a heavy and large car. During interaction with media, Mr. Flasch stressed that when it comes to Commercialising m electrification- be it hybrid or full EV- they are more concern about Diluting the brand in customer’s view that there is overcoming technical challenges for Adopting such technologies.

He said it’s not all about being first with any Particular new technologies, we have to be and give the best, but we believe in the power of Everyone’s choice.

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I have very direct dialogue with customers. Who are worried that we Might dilute the power of those products today in order to be the first in the market With new technologies,

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