5 Creative Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales in 2020

Boost eCommerce Sales

eCommerce is becoming the primary income for many businesses. They are adapting their business processes and turn to online selling just because there are many advantages that come with it. Experts predict that by 2040, 95% of all transactions will be going through eCommerce. This might come sooner than expected since many countries experienced a considerable rise in eCommerce sales during the Covid-19 crisis. Building your eCommerce store is not an easy task, but you should definitely invest time and money into digitalizing your business. Driving sales is the biggest problem that many eCommerce owners face, and in this article, we will go through 5 Creative Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales in 2020. 

1. Get Targeted Leads with Quizzes

If you already own an eCommerce store, you probably know that excellent targeting is the most crucial factor that can drive sales. However, gathering information from people is not easy, especially if you don’t offer something in return.

That is why you should try collecting leads with generation or personality quizzes. Quizzes like which McDonald’s burger are you, or which TV Show character are you? – Are great for collecting personal information from people and using that information for targeting. You should also try to collect their email by offering to send their answers. 

2. Offer Gifts

Everyone expects to get something in return for purchasing or placing their personal information. Offering gifts is one of the best tactics to boost your eCommerce sales. You should always try to combine the gift with another purchase or for sign up. Using this method, you’ll not just only increase your sales but also build your reputation and show that people are dealing with a reliable company that they can trust.

3. Convert Empty Shopping Carts

The online shopping journey from customers is not as many people expect it to be. Many people abandon their carts on the checkout page, and others do not even reach the checkout page. You should also note that people are not browsing through all the categories on your page and cannot see the awesome deals you offer. 

That is why you need to apply this exciting and yet effective method for converting empty shopping carts. You should put some of your best deals in their cart as a recommendation with a CTA button that takes you to other similar products. This is a great way to guide visitors through your eCommerce store and have a better chance of putting something in their cart.

4. Turn One-Time Purchases into Subscribers

Many of the sales that will be done on your eCommerce store will be from one-time shoppers that usually buy the product and forget that your website ever existed. Your job should be to turn one-time shoppers into regular customers through subscription.

That is why many sites offer special deals for members. In order to get the product at a discounted price, customers will have to register for your page. This way, you’ll still make a profit but, at the same time, create a loyal customer out of one purchase.

5.  Offer Discounts on Wishlist Products

People often put their favorite items in their wishlist before purchasing. The reason for their action is the decision making process. It takes people 6-7 times to see the product before making their decision. That is why you need to convince people by adding an additional discount to the product they like. 

This is the easiest way to turn visitors into customers just because you don’t need to target them with product ads since you already know what they’ve put in their wishlist.

These are some of the tactics you can use to boost your eCommerce sales. If you are just starting with your eCommerce business, you cannot expect the sales to come as fast as the winners of the Kentucky Derby since you need time to convince people that you are a legitimate business.



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