Brad Pitt hints that a Tarantino Once Upon A Time in Hollywood series is in the works



In a recent New York Times interview Brad Pitt confirms the development of a mini-series derived from the latest Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The project is currently in development stages and it set to hit streaming the world of television in a year or two down the line. The Fight Club star who also played Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is very excited for the mini-series, and may we say, so are we. Let’s take a closer look into the Tarantino’s newest production on the go. 

Coming up with more

Brad Pitt confirmed that the iconic director Quentin Tarantino will be releasing a streaming version of Once Upon A Time that would expand the film into several episodes and add cut footage. Confirmed on September 4, Pitt and Tarantino revealed that the series will ive 30-minute episodes and that there will be more coming up as time goes. 

The more the merrier 

The ex-husband of actress Angelina Jolie had also mentioned that the long-time project was one of his dreams-comes-trues, and that he is beyond excited to see it turn into a reality.

The actor even casted a positive look on the world of television, highlighting the positive sides of the new streaming platforms. He further went on to add that the upcoming series will contain more footage that will be as extra scenes to the existing movie. 

Simply to die for 

‘Arousing’ was the word Pitt had opted to use in order to describe the upcoming series and quite honestly, honestly, no one is able to get over it. With people once already excited about the possibility which now had turned into a reality, we can hardly wait to see what’s on the way.

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