Bruce Lee’s girl sues inexpensive food chain over picture use


Shannon Lee’s Bruce Lee Enterprises alleges that Real Kungfu used the image on their logo without permission.

The company wants the fast-food chain to snap immediately and is seeking a compensation M30m (.1 23.1m).

The use of its logo has been approved by local authorities. The film depicts a dark-haired man in a martial arts posture.

China’s Weibo platform Gono said in a statement, “The original Kungfu Series logo has been adopted by the National Trademark Agency for rigorous testing. We have been using it for 15 years.”


Bruce Lee's girl sues inexpensive food chain over picture use
Bruce Lee’s girl sues inexpensive food chain over picture use

“They are very happy in investigating after a long time. Currently, we are actively studying the case and preparing our response.”

Bruce Lee accused of ‘whitewash’. Bruce Lee Jumpsuit receives $ 100,000.

Guangdong-based fast-food chain Zhang Guangfu was founded in 1990 and has 600 outlets across China. Bruce Lee Enterprises manages the business and licensing of Kung Fu Star.

The owner of the company said, “It is dedicated to the art of bruce lee and his philosophy to inspire personal growth. It also has positive energy and global harmony.” His Enterprises did not respond immediately to a request for the comment.

The case is likely to be closely investigated as the Chinese government has promised to protect intellectual property rights in recent years. Shannon Emery Lee was born on April 19, 1969. She is an actress, martial artist, and a successful businesswoman.

She is the granddaughter of martial arts film staring her father bruce lee and martial arts teacher Linda Lee Cadwell, Cantonese opera singers Lee Hoi-Chuen and Brandon Lee.

She studied taekwondo in Aung Chen under Dada Dua Liang and Wushu. Jackie Chan’s Chinese opera brother, Enter the Eagle, also studied under the director of the United Nations Day.

In The Ante Eagles, Urquiz taught kickboxing because he had to fight Benny Urquiz.


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