BTS dancing robots created by South Korean students get attention at UN conference


BTS moving robots made by South Korean understudies get consideration at UN gathering

About the Video:

BTS moving robots made by South Korean understudies get consideration at UN gathering. (KUTV) — Video of moving robots at the ongoing 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference has taken off on Twitter kids from South Korea fabricated these robots w BTS moves.

They are toys however these youthful designers trust they will one day become companions or lifelines to maturing individuals who live alone. The young men have a stall at the UN Civil Society Conference at Salt Palace.

Occasion open to open. The viral tweet by 2news Reporter Cristina Flores included a 22-second video she shot with her telephone of smaller than expected robots made by youthful South Korea understudies. The bots imitated the move moves of the prevalent K-pop bunch BTS.


Flores wrote in her inscription that while the robots looked like fun toys the reason for the humanoid figures is to some time or another assistance spare individuals’ lives including the old who live alone.

The intuitive corner by the youthful specialists was a piece of the UN’s meeting that was gone to by an expected 8,000 members from around the globe prior this week in Salt Lake City.

Agents of common society associations examined a wide scope of answers for the difficulties of urban life and the cutting edge world. The South Korean understudies recommended that apply autonomy assumes a fundamental job in understanding worldwide maintainability challenges.

Individuals were tweeting about this in Twitter Like they are demonstrating enthusiasm for the endeavors of the children Wow that is astonishing, and such a caring reason! Could somebody likewise disclose to me what the robots are doing? I can’t put my finger on it. This is truly cool, older individuals who live alone is a plague in certain nations I trust they discover their approach to progress one day.

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