Cambridge Asset Management Review — Is It a Scam or a Legit Company?

Cambridge Asset Management Review

Cambridge Asset Management Review

The company is among the best representatives of the FX industry. It is a brand with a good reputation, thousands of loyal customers, and an incredibly rich catalog of financial products that allow all users to find a balance between risks and rewards. With a long history of success, Cambridge Asset Management is still attracting new clients and creating an environment in which individual and institutionalized traders can succeed with enough dedication and effort.

Cambridge Asset Management pros and cons

In competitive industries, successful companies have to be as efficient as possible and offer their clients top-notch services to ensure that they can retain customers. Cambridge Asset Management has many indisputable advantages compared to many of its competitors.

  • Trading terminal. The native terminal is developed by one of the best vendors of trading instruments. You will have graphical tools, one-click orders, and more. It is a versatile tool that has been highly rated by many professional traders.
  • Customer support. The support team has competent employees that also react quickly to any inquiries from clients. You can reach out to the support team and can expect a response within a couple of minutes. It may take longer on weekends and holidays.
  • With a rich variety of payment systems to choose from, Cambridge Asset Management allows users to be efficient with their finances and select the best course of action. Use debit cards to instantly add funds to your account and start trading right away or be conservative and use bank transfers.
  • Liquidity providers and data vendors used by this broker make sure that the company always displays correct market data to its clients. You will never have any significant disparities between live data and what you see in the terminal.
  • The company offers a diverse selection of financial instruments and investment products which will be appreciated by conservative investors and professional day traders alike! You will most certainly be able to find a good financial product to start building a passive income.
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A couple of negatives of Cambridge Asset Management

The broker has an impressive list of advantages often cited by review aggregators. However, several downsides must be mentioned.

  • The company has some problems with the speed of banking. For example, it may take up to 5 business days for the company to withdraw your earnings.
  • The trading terminal may look stylish and easy to use, but the lack of advanced analytical tools limits your creativity and trading efficiency.

Terminals to use with Cambridge Asset Management

The broker is integrated with several external applications. We must talk about the two most prominent ones.

  • TradingView is the most popular terminal used by many contemporary traders. It became especially popular among crypto enthusiasts due to the implementation of specialized tools like HashRibbons and more! The terminal works great for people who like using fine-tuned instruments that have reliable signals.
  • MetaTrader4 is the most customizable terminal out there. You can change the way it looks and even works. Plug-ins and complex indicators developed by community members are very useful and often sell for high prices due to their famed efficiency and reliability. While we do not endorse using any paid instruments, the terminal itself is a great and versatile tool.

The mobile app

The broker has an app that has iOS and Android versions. The application allows users to manage their portfolios efficiently and continue trading even when they are commuting or spending quality time with friends and relatives. You will be able to access your account from any point with internet access. Stay active and place orders without your laptop!

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The verdict

While many other companies rely on heavy marketing and often fail to deliver adequate service, Cambridge Asset Management continues to provide access to numerous financial instruments, several markets, and incredibly efficient investment products. The level of service is impeccable and you will most likely enjoy working with this broker. In general, it is a reliable and trustworthy corporation.


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