Can a Desk Booking Software Help Design a Hybrid Workplace?

Hybrid Workplace

When the pandemic started, organizations were thrown out of the bus. Overnight changes had to be made. And the existing traditional office was no longer valid. 

For almost a year, it was about remote work. However, with the pandemic easing, it was time for flexible workspaces to come into the limelight. 

The concept of hybrid work hinges on this thought. Employees get to choose whether they want to work from the office or remotely. Meanwhile, organizations can still implement social distancing with only a handful of employees in the office. 

However, introducing a hybrid work model has changed the face of office real estate. The need for desks has reduced. In comparison, collaboration spaces have seen an increase in demand. So to use space efficiently, companies are looking at tools like desk booking software. 

But what is a desk booking solution? And can it help design a hybrid workplace? We aim to explore the answers in this blog. 

What is Desk Booking Software?

It is a web or mobile app that allows employees to book desks. Most desk booking software comes with interactive floor plans, which would enable employees to find the perfect seat when visiting the office. 

A desk booking solution offers a consolidated view of desks and rooms reserved for a period for managers. It shows desk utilization data that helps them manage their space better. 

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Desk booking software is designed to simplify finding and booking desks. Be it desk hoteling or hot desking, you can manage it all with such a solution. 

Now, the question is, how does it help design a hybrid workplace? Keep reading to find out.  

#1 Adherence to Physical Distancing Protocols Using a Desk Booking Software

A desk booking software allows facility managers to design an office space compliant with physical distancing restrictions. Managers can assign desks located at a safe distance as available for use. The interactive dashboard will display all the in-use and empty desks in real-time. 

Employees can then use the desk booking software to book from the pool of available desks. They can do this in advance from their homes or when they enter the office via a simple click. Since the dashboard will only show the available desks, it will ultimately eliminate any chances of over-crowding. This will thereby mitigate COVID-risk. 

#2 Optimizing Spaces for Team Collaborations With a Desk Booking Software

Employees can also collaborate better using desk booking software by booking the spaced desks in the vicinity of other team members. This increases their productivity and allows the team to attain their goals while adhering to the necessary protocols.

#3 Scheduling in-Office Rotations for Employees Using Desk Booking Software

A desk booking software instantly updates the desks booked and the employee information. This enables managers and employers to track employee availability and locations. This data makes planning in-office schedules for employees and implementing employee rotation strategies convenient. 

Additionally, if COVID-19 exposure is detected, facility managers can use the seating data to quarantine the exposed employees. So, this data can be used for contact tracing purposes.

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#4 Managing Timely Sanitization Through a Desk Booking Software

Regular sanitization of workplaces has become a necessity during the pandemic to prevent the spread of the virus. The centralized dashboard in desk booking software allows managers to get a snapshot view of the desk usage. This ultimately helps them direct the cleaning staff for routine cleaning. 

Besides, advanced desk booking software also enables organizations to automate sanitization schedules. In this way, when an employee vacates a desk for the day, sanitation teams are automatically notified. 

They can then clean the surfaces, instantly prepping the space for the next employee. Furthermore, evacuation can be timed in case of a COVID outbreak within the office. This can be done along with sanitization while ensuring all the necessary precautions are in place.

Designing a workspace that is COVID-19 compliant using desk booking software is one part of creating an ideal hybrid workspace. Another important aspect is making sure the desk booking software is accessible to all.

To Conclude

Desk booking software is an essential aspect of the hybrid workplace. It improves user experience and ensures that the implementation of a hybrid workplace is seamless. 

WorkInSync is one of the leading providers of user-friendly desk booking software. It includes features like interactive floor plans, find my colleague, centralized dashboard and much more. You can opt for a demo and see how the app can help your organization.


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