Cartel News: Sinaloa Cartel’s ring leader sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment in Costa Rica

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The scandals concerning bigger names in the world live today and die tomorrow. But, today, the most prominent Guzmán-Loera Organization also called the Pacific Cartel’s ring leader named Antonio León Rojas was arrested in Santa Maria on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, and sent to Santa Barbara County Jail. He was accused of cocaine trafficking which led to the crushed reputation of Sinaloa Cartel’s reputation as the case came to be known as “Cartel News” on Google

To begin with, Antonio León Rojas is from Mexico. He was trafficking cocaine from Colombia to Mexico when he was arrested by the police of Santa Maria upon vehicle investigation. Within a span of 2 months, Antonio León Rojas is now sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment in Costa Rica prison. 

According to the police investigation, the Ringleader of the Sinaloa cartel was operating for the Sinaloa Cartel’s drug project. Furthermore, he was at that time positioned as the supervisor of the Central America-Mexico drug corridor. The news hit the organization deeply in the context of its root for various illegal activities. 

To the reader’s surprise, the Pacific Cartel, aka, Sinaloa Cartel Organization has been running since the 1980s. It is an organization surrounded by the most heinous crimes when it comes to international drug trafficking. To simplify, the organization and its members act as the mafias of organized crime for the longest time. Thus, impacting America’s as well as Mexico’s modern generation in a very harmful way. 

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The latest arrest and sentencing of Antonio León Rojas also led to the reveal of other members in his network. According to the latest update, there were five other members involved in this trafficking, directly or indirectly. 

For the most part, Mexico has been one of the largest countries that are suffering from the drug war and organized crimes. Just last year, El Chapo Guzman was sent to jail for the charges of murder as well as drug trafficking. However, this did not lead to any peace in Mexico. But, the Sinaloa Cartel was declared as stronger than ever. 

Indeed, the former leader of the Cartel organization according to Cartel News was sentenced to life imprisonment in New York. Even after the loss of the leader to the county jail, Sinaloa Cartel is still running and at a higher level now. Do you know? Each month, Sinaloa Cartel trafficks drugs net worth over 2 million dollars all over the world. 

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Hence, without a doubt, the world is not expecting Cartel’s chains of black business to stop anytime soon for the sake of Antonio León Rojas. To begin with, the crimes attempted by Antonio León Rojas are not limited to the Sinaloa Cartel and its heinous operations. 

But, also recently in April 2019, he was arrested for sexual assault of a female student who was coming from school. According to the report, he captured the female in his white minivan and sexually assaulted her in the vehicle. 

Therefore, it would not be any wrong to mention that the Sinaloa Cartel is forcing Mexico as well as America into drug-bond countries with zero respect towards civilians. The organization is raising meth heads, cocaine addicts, rapists, murderers, and whatnot!

Currently, three of the former leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel News are rooting in prison. But, how long will this organization run free is the main question! How far it would go to burn the cities down and create a world akin to “The Purge.” Who are the actual leaders of this organization? Without a doubt, the network is bigger than it seems so far!


  1. The greedy Mexico politicians would sell their own greedy mothers to U..S. Law enforcement for a handful of dirty pesos. The war on marijuana and all drugs will ultimately bring down the U.S. just as well It is better to completely remove the Mexican government than to be a puppet police state dangled by U.S. law enforcement. Mexico should kick the D.E.A. out of their country, along with all active U.S. law organizations. The Authoritarians pose a far greater threat than all the cartels.


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