Case Study on Six Sigma Lean Project For Escalation Management

Six Sigma Lean Project For Escalation

Case Study on Six Sigma Lean Project For Escalation Management. The primary aim of most organizations is to enhance the profitability of the company. The profitability of an organization is calculated after deduction of the total amount of investment from the total revenue collected after the entire sales process. Many organizations try to enhance the profitability of the organization after the adoption of several methodologies such as enhancement of the sales numbers to increase the revenue collection or by reducing the operational cost and cutting down the investment. These two methodologies are actually outdated and not practical for the modern-day market. The most convenient organizations all over the world to enhance the profitability of the company is by working on a project. A project is a temporary endeavor of an organization that focuses upon producing and unique product which is meant to have a market impact on the organization. A project also reduces the investment made by the organization, which then adds up to the profitability of the company.

What are Project Management methodologies? 

Managing a project very difficult task, and the reputation of the organization is dependent upon the success rate of the project, for which organizations consider the project to be a very serious affair. There is often a need for professional help of a professional who has the knowledge about how to handle and manage the entire process of a project to allow the organization has success on a project. The professional that actually help the organization in the proper management of a project have the expertise in the utilization of a project management methodology. Project Management methodologies are the guidelines that are made by an institution that the professional has to follow to ensure that the organization has a successful project. It includes several tasks which are meant to be performed by the professional while working on a project to ensure that the chances of success from a project are enhanced to a great extent. There are multiple project management methodologies that are adopted by many professionals all around the world, but one of the most prominent project management methods is lean Six Sigma.

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is the most prominent and beneficial project management methodology that has actually changed the entire world of project management. Lean Six Sigma is actually a combination of two different project management methodologies, which are Lean and Six Sigma. This is a structured project management methodology that comprises several quality improvement methods that walk upon the quality and quantity of production in the company. This means the number of defects or problems in the entire process of project management for project production to enhance the quality of the project. Lean Six Sigma is dependent upon the methodology, which is known as DMAIC, which actually considered several sectors of a project which need to be managed for great project success. Lean Six Sigma level certifications are provided to professionals who believe that having a lean Six Sigma certificate can truly provide great career advancement for the professionals.

Implementation of the methodology in real life

Lean Six Sigma has a lot of implementation in real life, for which there are different case studies that prove that getting a lean Six Sigma certificate can actually provide professionals with the boost and organization with successful projects. Let’s take an example of a professional who has a lean Six Sigma Black belt training

A professional who has the lean Six Sigma Black belt certification gets considered to be a senior-level project manager because of the acknowledgment and the potential and knowledge of the professional. The professional has the primary task of looking forward to the entire process of project management. This starts with the resources and labor which is available to the organization. The professional locate all the resources in the best possible way and ensure that there is the proper utilization of labor and resources. It functions continuously in a stage-by-stage manner looking forward to the entire process eliminating different defects from the project. There is constant motivation coming out from the project manager towards the team to ensure that the quality of projects is top-notch. After the sale of production services, there is a quality customer response service which is provided to all the people who used the product or service. This enhances customer satisfaction and customer feedback service, which could help the organization gaining large profits in the long run.

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These are second case studies that actually prove that lean Six Sigma project management methodology has the potential for escalation management.





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