Casio’s: First ever G-shock wrist watches-honoured by japan


The National Museum of Nature and Science has expanded Casio’s DW-5000C, the first-ever model in the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches, launched in 1983, as a fiscal 2019 destiny technology ancestry to the register of important historical equipment for science and technology.

The DW-5000C was comprehended as having considerably altered the value proposition of wristwatches.

The National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo whose Director-General is Yoshihiro Hayashi began the future technology heritage program in fiscal 2008 to encourage the preservation and use of equipment on the past of the science of technology.

Casio’s: First ever G-shock wrist watches-honoured by japan
Casio’s: First ever G-shock wrist watches-honoured by japan

These materials are selected because they have earned an important historical donation to the development of science and technology, for giving birth to a significant economic, social, and cultural effect, and for having aa crucial impact on the beings of Japanese citizens.

The DW-5000C was the initial-ever model in the G-SHOCK name of shock-resistant watches.

It toppled the accepted belief of the time that wristwatches are naturally unstable and susceptible to shocks, thereby providing the value recommendation of wristwatches.

Following G-SHOCK watches reshaped the impression of digital watches with their good looks embodying practical beauty, directing to the adoption of digital watches by the youth community.

Casio has to date exported more than 100 million G-SHOCK watches around the world in some 130 nations and regions, which depicts an unprecedented sale volume for a sole wristwatch brand.

Casio has formulated more than 3,000 models in the beginning again the evolution of the G-SHOCK brand, which has evolved to become aa unique brand that stands on its own, beyond the description of a wristwatch.

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This is the sixth Casio commodity to be called a future technology heritage.

The others are the Casio Mini electronic desktop calculator which is registered in fiscal 2008, DC-90 digital camera prototype in fiscal 2009, QV-10 digital camera with LCD monitor in fiscal 2012, SL-800 credit card-sized calculator in fiscal 2013, and AL-1 scientific calculator in fiscal 2014.


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