What to Do When You Change Your Address

change of address checklist

Shifting to a new house always sounds very exciting, but several responsibilities need to be taken care of while shifting. The most ignored one is updating your address in the relevant departments and to notify relatives. I recently met a person who gave me his business card and guessed what? I decided to visit him, but later found out that he has shifted. What do you think he had done? He simply did not realize how important it is to change his address and personal information. 

Now when things have become incredibly easy. It will be insane not to inform the important people around you about your address. For example, now we can ask for the business cards order online to keep every important person updated about it and allow me to share that you can even get several designs for your address sharing like transparent business card designs or colorful address updates cards.      

In this article, you will get to know a few suggestions about what to do when planning to change your house and address. Many people, especially those who are at the beginning of their career, tend to change their homes more than those who are settled, and at that time of their life, they are very alert about such issues.  

Do not worry if you are confused about whom to send and inform about your new address, here is a list of people and authorities that you should report on time.

Inform the post office 

When somebody changes his address, the first thing he should do is to inform the post office. I can bet on it that people often ignore this step. And the reason for this ignorance is the lazy approach about life, I cannot explain these causes more, so here is a link that you can follow to learn more about the advantages of postal services

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What should you do when you change the address? You must visit the post office, and at the information desk, ask the coordinators to provide you the personal details up-gradation form, where you will mention your new address.

After you have done it, authorities will send you all pending parcels and mails within a week. Nowadays, many post offices have upgraded their services and facilities, so now you can update your address online—no need to visit the post office. Visiting post office hours would be of great help in this regard if you are a US resident.

Insurance companies

If you have applied for a home or rental insurance, then changing your house is crucial and urgent to inform them. Most of the time, the companies send their agents for assuring that you are changing your residence. If you do not notify them, you never know when there is a change in your policy, and that can take you to hot waters, super soon.  

Your professional colleagues 

Here I am not talking about the office colleagues when working in a market, you tend to meet a lot of people from your work’s point of view, and keeping healthy relations with them is crucial for your professional growth. However, people often think that it is of secondary importance; maybe they cannot acknowledge the effect of external links in one’s career.

You may opt for updating g your address on your LinkedIn profile here, or you should simply make a broadcast message at your WhatsApp. Do whatever suits you, but never ignore them because most of the time, external links can do wonders for you.  

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Your office and employers 

We all live in a digital world, so it would not be wrong if I assume that we all have a digital profile as an employee. For updating your address, you may simply log in to your account, or you should mail your company’s HR department about this change in your details. However, if you want to be sure about this update, then simply contact the HR department’s coordinator and share the matter with them.

The facilities and services 

You must be using the internet, telephone services, or newspaper services, and when changing your home, you have to inform the service providers. You only need to give them a call and ask them to change your contact details. I recommend you do it almost three days before the shifting activity; otherwise, you will probably have to stay without the internet.

The family and friends 

Changing the house would not sound great unless you have involved your family and friends in your celebrations. You can either call them for a mini party or make a WhatsApp group and upload your new location with a surprise sticker.


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