“Choose Your Path in The Outer Worlds” Trailer Launched

"Choose Your Path in The Outer Worlds" Trailer Launched

The Outer Worlds is just a week away! To celebrate, pop open a little bit of the bubbly and check out the launch trailer for the Obsidian Entertainment game!

The Outer Worlds will be made available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via the Microsoft Windows Store, the Epic Games Store, and through Xbox Game Pass. On Friday, October 25.

The video game will also release on the Nintendo Switch, though the release date has not been announced yet. Obsidian will be hosting a Twitch Plays ahead of the game’s release.

Next week, millions of gamers will be embarking on an interstellar journey unlike any before. That’s because Obsidian Entertainment will finally release their highly-anticipated space game from the creators of Fallout, The Outer Worlds.

Much of this launch trailer centers around the player character and the choices we’ll be able to make in the game. Obsidian says that The Outer Worlds features a “player-driven story,” and the trailer definitely reinforces that notion.

Pointing out that there’s a lot riding on our decisions, one character says, “Remember, no matter what happens out here, it’ll all be your fault. Good luck.”

To celebrate this achievement and infuse more hype into gamers, Obsidian has released a launch trailer for The Outer Worlds.

The focus of it is to remember that this is your galaxy and everyone else is just along for the ride!

It’s time for you to decide. Will you be Halcyon’s shining beacon of hope?  How this player-driven story unfolds depends on the character you choose to become will determine.

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The Outer Worlds will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 25, 2019. The Nintendo Switch version will release some time after launch. When it’s confirmed check back here. Also, keep an eye out for our review of The Outer Worlds, releasing shortly after launch.


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