5 Points to Consider while Choosing a Cross browser testing tool

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With time devices, browsers and OS are getting upgraded frequently and it is becoming more and more complicated to cross browser test the applications. The multiple device-browser and os combinations make cross browser testing complicated and the increasing number of the upgraded version adds to the complexity. Choosing the right testing tool can make things much simpler! So in this blog we will see the most basic requisites for choosing a good cross browser testing tool.


As we know that markets are being bombarded with frequent browser and device updates, it’s imperative to choose a highly scalable cross browser testing tool. Choose a tool where you can add or remove the devices as per the project requirements, making a cost efficient deal. A cloud based test automation tool is highly recommended as they are highly scalable and choosing devices is just a matter of a few clicks.   


Though manual testing has its own significance, automation is crucial to make testing quick and productive . Redundant test cases like cross browser testing, requires automation. In cross browser testing we test multiple combinations of device browser and os combinations which requires a selenium grid test automation tool to test multiple combinations in parallel. Hence automation is the most basic and crucial requirement for cross browser testing.

Integrated analytic tools 

Before starting preparing test cases, analysing the browsers, devices and OS used by your customer base is very important. This will help you to develop a device list which covers the devices and browsers used by your target market. Hence analytic tools provide the necessary information required to choose the right set of devices used by the customer base. Hence chose a test automation platform that supports integration of analytical and reporting tools.Hence analytic tools are extremely important for cross browser testing   

Parallel Testing 

As we know in cross browser testing multiple combinations of device, browser and os is tested simultaneously in parallel. Hence parallel testing is an extremely important part of cross browser testing. Tools like selenium grid, which allows you to test your application on several browsers and devices simultaneously in parallel, are ideal for cross browser testing. So tools like Selenium grid , selenium web driver are open source tools and can be integrated with any test automation platform easily. You can also use other cross browser testing tools which are highly scalable and can provide you 2000+ device browser combinations and can perform testing on several devices parallely. 

Cloud based test automation 

Cloud based test automation platforms are ideal for cross browser testing. They are highly scalable, highly accessible, provides hassle free integration of several open source tools, provides parallel testing on multiple device browser combinations, supports faster testing as it supports ci/cd integration devops and continuous testing. Continuous testing also helps to enhance the performance and provides accurate cross browser testing results. Hence many QA teams prefer a continuous testing tool for accurate testing results.


With frequently updating browsers and os, cross browser testing has become crucial. Also cross browser testing plays a great role in enhancing the quality of mobile applications. Inorder to deal with the complexities associated with cross browser testing, we need to build strategies and use appropriate tools to make the journey simple. So do make a note of all the important factors for choosing a cross browser testing tool mentioned in the blog above. 


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