Cobra Kai Season 3: Release Date, Plot twist, Premises, Cast, and Trailer!

Cobra kai season 3 is coming soon on Netflix
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Cobra Kai is one of the high-end sitcom-based substitutes of “The Karate Kid.” The series is also called “The Karate Kid Saga Continues.” It first-premiered on 2nd May 2018 on YouTube Premium. Created by Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz, Cobra Kai season 1 and season 2 gained millions of viewers on YouTube. However, there are rumors that YoUTube premium is dropping Cobra Kai season 3, and therefore, Netflix is picking up the show there onwards. How far is that true? Before we find out, let’s view some sparkling details about Cobra Kai.

cobra kai season 1 and season 2
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To begin with, Cobra Kai follows the story of Johnny Lawrence who got defeated in a tournament by Daniel LaRusso. Although Johnny had given up on his own career as a Karate champion, he rescues Miguel Diaz and teaches him Karate in order to pass on his legacies without any strings attached. 

In 2019, Cobra Kai season 2 ended with the introduction of Ali Mills Schwarber, who was in a relationship with both Johnny and Daniel in the past. Now, Lawrence receives a friend request from her. The main question stands, what change will she bring to the story in Cobra Kai season 3?

When is Cobra Kai season 3 coming out?

To the hardcore fans of Cobra Kai, congratulations, the third installment of the series is coming out soon. When and where? Here’s everything:

According to the recent updates, Cobra Kai Season 3 is due for its premier in 2020. Thus, fans can expect it very soon. But, as mentioned before, it is not coming out on YouTube Premium. In 2019, the production of season 3 had come to a finishing point. Thus, there are very less chances that there will be any potential delay in the Cobra Kai season 3. 

Several informative resources have confirmed that Cobra Kai’s season 3 will come out on Netflix along with the previous two seasons. Hence, if you haven’t watched any of the Cobra Kai’s seasons, here’s a glimpse of official trailers for you:


Cobra Kai Season 1 official trailer


Cobra Kai Season 2 official trailer

Who are all in the cast of Cobra Kai?

  • Ralph Macchio starring as Daniel LaRusso
  • William Zabka starring as Johnny Lawrence
  • Xolo Maridueña starring as Miguel Diaz
  • Courtney Henggeler starring as Amanda LaRusso
  • Tanner Buchanan starring as Robby Keene
  • Mary Mouser starring as Samantha LaRusso
  • Jacob Bertrand starring as Eli Moskowitz/Hawk 
  • Gianni Decenzo starring as Demetri 

Is there a Cobra Kai season 3 official trailer?

No. for now, Youtube premium has only launched an announcement teaser for Cobra Kai season 3 titled ‘You want it, You Got it.’ Let’s take a look:

Cobra Kai list of Episodes

Cobra Kai Season 1

  1. Ace Degenerate
  2. Strike First
  3. Strike First
  4. Cobra Kai Never Dies
  5. Counterbalance
  6. Quiver
  7. All Valley
  8. Molting
  9. Different but Same
  10. Mercy

Cobra Kai Season 2

  1. Mercy Part II
  2. Back in Black
  3. Fire and Ice
  4. The Moment of Truth
  5. All In
  6. Take a Right
  7. Lull
  8. Glory of Love
  9. Pulpo
  10. No Mercy

What is Cobra Kai?

In the Cobra Kai TV series, the title “Cobra Kai” stands for Johnny Lawernce’s dream karate dojo which was up until now closed. But, in the Cobra Kai season 2, Johnny decides to reopen Cobra Kai Karate dojo. But, it leads to re-greening the rivalry between Danial and Johnny who had their competitive encounters in the past. Apart from this, he also wants San Fernando Valley to experience the real magic of Cobra Kai Karate Art. 

Cobra Kai Season 2 Ending Explained!

In the final episode of Cobra Kai season 2, Johnny and Daniel got into a fight after Daniel finds out about Robby and Samantha’s night-stay at Johnny’s apartment. On the first day of school, Tory tells everyone about Samantha’s and Miguel’s kiss on party night. Tory fights Samantha but Robby comes to her rescue. 

cobra kai all seasons now available to watch on Netflix and Hulu original
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Cobra Kai members get involved and fight Robby. Miguel sees all of it and tackles Robby. This leads to a war in the school’s hall between Miyagi-do and Cobra Kai’s. Miguel got injured and now is on life support. Sam is also hurt. 

All this riotic behavior causes Johnny to lose control over Cobra Kai. Amanda desires for Miyagi-do and fights to stop. At last, sad and guilt-ridden Johnny goes to the beach and expresses his remorse by throwing his phone. However, he did not notice his former GF’s friend request on social media. 


In conclusion, Cobra Kai season 3 will bring many new twists to the plot along with giving something new for Johnny and Daniel to fight over. For now, all we know is Cobra Kai season 3 is coming. It may or not premiere on Netflix. Above all, creators are also considering Hulu as the original network for Cobra Kai. Let’s see what they decide. Stay tuned with us for further updates.


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