Colin Farrel To Produce A Galway Based Thriller ‘The Break’?


An actor is set to become a producer. Actor Colin Farrell will be behind the camera to produce a thriller movie “The break”. “The Break” films which are based on Dervla Mc Tiernan’s novel of the same name “the ruin” produced by Chapel place production.

As well as, Chapel place production is newly formed and set up by Colin Farrell and his sister and managed by is Claudine Farrel.

Sources say brother and sister duo will group up with producer Lee Magiday. Well, the Break tells the story of police officer Cormal Reilly who discover two uncared for kids in a crumbling home in Galway, their Mom lifeless upstairs from an overdose.

Colin Farrel To Produce A Galway Based Thriller ‘The Break’?
Colin Farrel To Produce A Galway Based Thriller ‘The Break’?

So, there is no information yet who plays the Normal Reilly character in the movie but it’s confirmed that this movie produced by Colin and it creates much more controversy.

Therefore, an actor produces film and this controversy of these film help the Maker’s to make the movie most popular. As well as, we all know that Colin appeared in BBC drama Bally Kissangel and this is the first stage of his career as an actor.

Well, the good news for Colin fans is that he is returning but not an actor this time as a film producer. And sources confirmed that filming and production directly followed the Novel. There is no information about the star cast in the movie and the production house did not release any teaser trailer related to the movie.

Well, it’s difficult to say that in which year the movie will come. However, it would be worth seeing how good an actor is becoming a good producer, respectively. In Bruges and True Detective star Farrell has movies Voyagers, Eve and The Gentlemen in post-production and TV series The North Water due to shoot soon.


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