Complete Pluto TV Service Review

Pluto TV Service

Paying the high price of cable program services could seem a bit overrated in today’s world with plenty of streaming apps. Those looking for a completely free service for broadcasting some of the mainstream entertainment and news programs could look into Pluto TV.

Pluto TV offers more than 250 channels you can start watching on your mobile device in a glimpse. The overall usability is boosted with the search panel, on-demand shows, and rewind options you can use. We’ll discuss the main benefits and downsides of Pluto TV as a potentially permanent solution for a free video streaming service!

Free Streaming Service with Combined Programming

The free Pluto TV streaming service is owned by Viacom, and it first appeared back in 2014. As a decent replacement for Netflix and other streaming services that require a monthly subscription, this solution has one fair advantage – it’s completely free.

Of course, this also brings up several issues that couldn’t be avoided, such as the constant ads showing up as you browse the channels. It’s one of the rare OTT streaming services that are free for usage, meaning you can watch tv and YouTube channels through the internet, rather than through TV networks.

According to renowned sources like Tom’s Guide, Pluto TV streams can be watched on the dedicated website, or you can download the Pluto TV app. Along with the on-air TV channels, Pluto TV also supports some specific TV show channels, and even YouTube channels you can access.

One of the few disadvantages is that you can’t access all the aerial channels that are broadcasted on subscription TV networks. Still, the registered Pluto TV account allows you to mark your favorite channels, and even rewind the shows that have previously streamed if you miss the air term.

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Downloading and Installing Pluto TV – How does it Work?

Before we get into further details on the main Pluto TV features, you should know how to download the Pluto TV app and use it on your device (you can download it here). You can use Pluto TV on Android devices, iOS devices, Amazon Firestick, and even on your PS4!

It’s a versatile app with complete optimization and all you need to have for a satisfying streaming service is an internet connection. Downloading the app file on your device should suffice for starting your journey, as there’s no registration or sign-in required to watch your favorite shows.

Downloading and Installing Pluto TV

Of course, you can register if you want, to receive some even classier Pluto TV features such as the option to rewind the shows that have already aired. You can also use a VPN to watch Pluto TV outside the US and avoid falling behind with any of the streaming service options.

Highlights of Pluto TV Service

You might instantly think that there’s a catch with Pluto TV’s benefits because it’s a free streaming service. There is, but it’s not that much of a deal-breaker, since there are only slight downsides to this TV solution for online programming.

For starters, take a look into this list of the main benefits and slight flaws that this service comes with:


  • Over 250 TV and specific-show channels are available
  • More than 2000 movies are available at all times
  • Clear overview of the channel list
  • Search panel for finding specific channels
  • On-demand shows present at all times
  • Mobile Optimization


  • Frequent ads show up
  • Doesn’t have some area-specific broadcast channels

Pluto TV Programming Options

To avoid being let down by the app’s functions, it’s important to understand that Pluto TV isn’t just like your ordinary cable streaming service. Channels broadcasted by some broadcasting providers will remain excluded and there’s nothing you can do here.

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Even so, with the main advantage of Pluto TV being free usage for all, you can find various types of programming options, and we’ll shed some light on that right now!  

1) Movies and Entertainment

You can thankfully use the Pluto TV support for getting the complete channel list, but we’ll now discuss the narrow selection based on programming categories. As many customers will use the app for watching fun TV shows and movies, Pluto TV can shine in its true light.

You can watch Stories by AMC, Hell’s Kitchen, Star Trek channel, Comedy Central, and the Paramount Movie Channel. As for specific movies on Pluto TV, you can see some all-time favorites like Terminator, Rain Man, the Illusionist, and Silence of the Lambs.

Also, you can watch some newer-generation films like The Founder, Lion, and Wind River.

2) Sports Programming

If you are a sports fan, there’s a good chance that Pluto TV will include some of your favorite channels and events. Sadly, rare are the channels that include live events, but if you enjoy rewinding some of your favorite games, it provides the way.

You can therefore rely on FOX sports and NFL channels, along with other specific streaming options for sports. As an NFL fan, you can re-watch some of the NFL classics from the previous decade on this streaming service.

3) News and Informative Channels

As for staying in touch with the latest news programming, Pluto TV does a good job having in mind its free usage nature. You can watch news channels like CBS News, CNN, NBC, FOX Business, and even more.

The app also has a specific section of programming titled “Today’s Top Story” along with other channels like Bloomberg and Sky News. Reading some Pluto TV customer reviews could also give you some essentials on the overall worth of the channels’ value.

The next step – Enjoy the Show

Hopefully, you’ll be able to make use of this guide and mobile optimization of Pluto TV to set it up on your device and enjoy impressive free streaming and your favorite shows. Remember to use the filtering options and other convenient usability features such as the complete channel list to make the most out of the app.


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