Enhance your Disney Plus Experience with These Hacks


Launched in late 2019, Content Disney Plus erupted into the streaming arena and garnered 10 million subscribers within the same day of the launch. 

Now a favorite in households worldwide, this platform boasts about 86 million subscribers in countries around the world. Disney Plus offers you the opportunity to watch almost everything produced by Disney. It streams TV shows and films from Disney franchises such as Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel, and all the family-friendly films and animation produced by Disney itself. You also get the originals and programming Disney obtained by taking over Fox, like The Simpsons and X-Men movies. 

For those with a Disney Plus account, you can get the most out of your subscription by employing the following hacks. 

Explore the Titles More Efficiently

Just like other streaming services, Disney Plus offers you a heap of content, and choosing what to watch can be challenging.

If you have been a subscriber for a long time, the algorithm will keep suggesting what they think you want to watch. You can free yourself from this mold by using the Explore feature. Since the platform splits movies into dedicated sections, you’ll be able to navigate in no time effortlessly. 

Tap the magnifying glass to access Explore. From there, you can choose between collections, such as The Muppets and Spider-Man. Not sure what to watch? Try the “Through the Decades” collection for some Disney classics such as the Steamboat Willie and move up to the present. 

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View Geo-Blocked Content

A common problem with streaming platforms is that certain content is unavailable or restricted in certain countries. How would you feel if an exciting show you have been waiting to be added to the platform is suddenly available but only to US users and not in Switzerland, where you live? I bet it sucks big time. 

Luckily you can bypass geo-blocking restrictions by concealing your IP address with a VPN. Watch Disney Plus with a VPN and choose any country where your desired movie or show is available. 

Save your Titles to a Watchlist

Have you browsed your streaming service, seen a movie you want to watch, and two days later, you can’t remember the name of the film? It’s good to know that you can plan and organize your content by creating a watchlist. Like Netflix, Disney Plus enables you to save titles. Simply lookout for the + sign located near the Play button. Click on it, and the title will be saved to your watchlist. 

To access the saved content, tap the Disney Plus toolbar up the screen and open your saved watchlist from the dropdown list.  

Watch the Extras

Are you a Disney enthusiast who wants to watch everything, including the stuff that gets deleted? Well, guess what? Disney Plus gives you a chance to geek-out and watch the rare deleted scenes. So, whether it’s a Marvel or Star Wars, you’ll have plenty to keep you glued to the screen. 

To access the deleted scenes, choose Extras on the show or film page. If you are one of the users who find it hard to find the Extras using a browser, then try using the app instead.

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Download Content to Watch Later

Disney Plus allows you to download content that you can watch later, so if you are going somewhere with no Wi-Fi, ensure you download some movies and shows to watch on the go. Note that you can download one title as many times as you want and also watch it as many times as you desire. Just make sure you access your Disney Plus account at least once a month. You won’t be able to retain the downloaded content if you ditch your Disney Plus subscription. 

To download a movie or a show, select the downward indicator icon to begin the process. And, to access the downloaded content, tap the same downward indicator icon. 

Enjoy Some Virtual Parties

The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected our social interactions by keeping us away from our family and friends.

However, we have also learned that there are ways we can virtually hang out with family. Other than the good old Zoom call, you can have a virtual party with your loved ones over Disney Plus and even watch the same TV show or movie simultaneously. While this cannot compare to one on one interaction, it eases the pain of not being able to see each other. 

The Group Watch feature can be enabled by opening the title you want to watch together, looking for the Play button, clicking on the icon that resembles three people, and then sharing the link with friends. 

Just one year after making its grand entrance into the streaming scene, Disney Plus has managed to amass hundreds of TV shows, movies, and other unique films. Use the above hacks to enjoy your Disney streaming and get the most out of your subscription. 


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