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Content marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful way to increase brand awareness, build a loyal follower base, attract new customers, and increase sales through content marketing and social media.

Social media promotion works equally well for small companies and startups , as well as for mature and large businesses; both in the field of B2C and for B2B companies.

Your customers are already spending a lot of time and interacting with different brands through social media. And if you still do not communicate with your audience through Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, sooner or later you may lose the loyalty of your audience, and at the same time lose to competitors.

Quality social media marketing will take your business to the next level. Thanks to effective social media tools, your brand will gain admirers, and your company will gain new customers and sales growth.

Over the past few years, with the growing number of users of various social networks, social media marketing has become a very effective tool for many businesses. But at the same time, competition for the attention of each user has grown. However, this does not mean at all that social media marketing has ceased to be effective.

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LinkedIn is a social network for professionals where people exchange contacts and communicate about business and career opportunities. It is a great platform for engaging in professional dialogue with people from similar industries and sharing content with like-minded people. also great for job posting and employee internal communication. You can even buy high quality LinkedIN followers for affordable prices. This platform will help you establish yourself as a leader and build trust in your industry.

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Pros :

  • High concentration of people from the business community. 
  • An excellent platform for B2B companies, as most people are open to new opportunities for their business.


  • Like Twitter, LinkedIn is a very noisy platform. 
  • Almost no one scrolls through the news feed like on Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, it won’t be easy to get organic reach.


Reddit and similar social platforms (Stumble Upon or Digg) are ideal for sharing interesting content. With over 2 billion page views per month, Reddit has incredible potential for social media marketing. However, marketers should be aware that the platform only welcomes truly unique, engaging content. Posting to Reddit is always a game with fire. If your post is perceived as spam or is caught doing something to sell, the community will not have mercy on you. You will most likely be banned a few minutes after posting. But if you have content that is really useful to the demanding Reddit community (and these are cocky, free-thinking and literally obsessed young people), you will receive huge benefits and, of course, earn such valuable traffic.

Pros :

  • Great coverage and fast feedback.
  • Perfect if you need to validate an idea or collect feedback on your service or products.

Cons :

  • The audience on Reddit abhors trying to sell or promote their business. Therefore, everything should be done as naturally as possible.

Quora Marketing 

It is the largest Q&A platform. For a very long time, marketers have underestimated this place, but as practice shows, more and more companies are betting on Quora.

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High-quality content in text format gives you the opportunity to get colossal reach and drive targeted traffic to your website. All that needs to be done is to provide interesting and valuable answers to the questions asked by platform users.

Apart from that, Quora is also a source for content for large publications. Really good answers are republished on Forbes, Time, Business Insider, Inc and other sites.

Pros :

  • High organic reach. 
  • An infinite number of questions that can be answered. 
  • The ability to get additional coverage and backlinks to the site if your content is paid attention to by large publications.

Cons :

  • Most of the popular questions have already been answered and it will be difficult to interrupt them in terms of quality and originality.


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