Coronavirus Death Toll Goes Over 500,000 Globally

coronavirus death toll

Josh Hopkins published a report which says coronavirus death toll crossed over 10 million. The surge of this pandemic started from the last year-end in China.

The United States of America is facing a huge increase in the number of coronavirus cases. Europe has almost half of the total number of infected cases reported worldwide.

Africa and South Asian countries are seeing their peak surge of this virus lately. The data earlier showed that those countries would face this kind of increase in July end.

There are several countries facing coronavirus surge at the moment. June 22, marked the highest day of infections recorded, with more than 183,000 cases across the world.

Current situation of coronavirus cases across the world

The United States of America has the highest number of coronavirus cases with 2.5 million infected patients and deaths of 125,000 patients.

US officials said that after coming out of the lockdown for the last few weeks, the country is facing a huge number of cases in southern parts.

The increased number of contamination of coronavirus in Florida, Texas, and other states made the authorities of those states to put more restrictions on economic activities like businesses yet again.

There are reports suggesting that more people from Asia and Black communities are getting infected than the white population. Brazil is second on the list of having the most coronavirus infected patients with 1.3 million people and the coronavirus death toll has increased over 57,000.

The immense surge of this virus didn’t restrain the Rio de Janeiro authorities to reopen the football stadiums. They are going to allow one-third of audience capacity in those stadiums from July 10, 2020.

China’s capital is now facing a resurgence of coronavirus. The Chinese government has put lockdown measures again. Beijing officials have a restrained travel schedule for over half a million people. The authorities are neither allowing anyone to enter the Anxin county in the province of Hebei nor gong out.

The United Kingdom has the most number of coronavirus infected patients among western European countries. UK government announced that the county would force its lockdown for the first time after the significant spread of coronavirus in  Leicester, UK.

Coronavirus Death Toll

As of now, the world has reported lost 516,393 lives due to the deadly coronavirus. Researchers are trying and testing vaccines and it is probably the only possible way of fighting the COVID-19 right now.


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