Cupcakke Unleashes New Song ‘Lawd Jesus’

Cupcakke Unleashes New Song ‘Lawd Jesus’
Cupcakke Unleashes New Song ‘Lawd Jesus’

Elizabeth Eden Harris, born on May 31, 1997. She is well known as Cupcakke as it is her professional name. She is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Harris started her career as a rapper by releasing material online in late 2012.

In the month of September, Cupcakke, a Chicago rapper notified her fans that she is quitting from the world of music. Later, she appeared with a new song recently. Going to detail, she had signed an $8 million deal for ‘Lawd Jesus’. So, she came back with her first solo song after a long break.

Cupcakke Unleashes New Song ‘Lawd Jesus’
Cupcakke Unleashes New Song ‘Lawd Jesus’

This song tells us completely shedding up the old agonies and thoughts and raising up for new thinking. It’s an optimistic and inspiring song. And explains that failure will become a stepping stone for success in the future.

“Fuck all my old friends, I’m not tryna make amends,” she raps, with a “Lawd Jesus” refrain repeated during the chorus. “I said, ‘Mama, chill, we gonna win’/Money keep comin’ in/I’m tryna change from back then.”These phrases explain that we should be stable at both loss and gain. Should be with a peaceful mind.

As she was raised up by a single mother, she knew how to accept the pain and the same thing reflects in her songs. She got 50,00,000 subscribers in the early stage of her career. This makes her more confident and got many more new songs from her.

Cupcakke released two albums in 2018 — Ephorize and Eden — followed by just a few singles in 2019, comprising “Squidward Nose,” “Bird Box,” “Ayesha” and a filthy “Old Town Road” remix.

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Most formerly, she came across on a remix of the track “Ripe” from Australian artist Banoffee’s debut album Look at Us Now Dad. The Chicago rapper is also going to give a live show on 4th April.

As the song streams on YouTube, music lovers can listen and enjoy.


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