Dark Devotion Announces to be Launched for PS4 and Switch in October


The Arcade Crew and the developer Hibernian Workshop have recently announced that 2D action RPG Dark Devotion will be soon released digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 24, 2019.

A physical edition will also be released through Limited Run Games, though no official date for the physical edition has been announced. The game was originally released for PC on April 2019.

Dark Devotion is a demanding side-scroller action game where performers set off on a journey for the divine distinction.

In order to assist the players out, the developer has established a gameplay overview video detailing what performers can expect on their journey and how to deal in certain situations.

Evidently, undergoing the temple’s trials will compel the player to have amazing reflexes and determination to get in some of the encounters.

Dark Devotion Gets Official PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch

The game stars various gear for players to fetch along with versatile articles and branching ways as they find their path deeper into the dungeon. The game also possesses 18 bosses staying to put up a challenge.

“Being able to inaugurate the Dark Devotion to RPG fans through both PC and soon consoles have been nothing low of a dream come real for us,” said Louis Denizet who is ahead programmer and CEO at Hibernian Workshop.

“We are so soo grateful to our passionate community for clasping by us through the development and grasping our debut effort so nicely, and we are eager to see how the new console players prosper on their journey to substantiate their faith.”

Dark Devotion is an action RPG heavily impacted by Dark Souls. In Bryan’s survey of the PC version, he acclaimed the general gloomy aesthetic but discovered the quest and skill design to direct to a somewhat in-cohesive experience. For more data, you can check out last year’s actual announcement.

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