Defining Sufficient Capital for Your Growing Small Business

Sufficient Capital

Companies, particularly small ones that boomed, can be crushed by their growth. While a business boom can bring many positive changes besides more profit, it can lead to you taking on more commitments than you can take. Surge leads to more cash flow needs, so growth planning and the right financing are essential. If you have a rapidly growing business, you might not have sufficient capital to deal with your financial obligations like bills, payroll, and supplies.

Fast growth is welcome but sometimes difficult. You may need a traditional small business loan or an innovative solution like Evolution X to make growth more manageable.

Here are a couple of ways to assist you in defining sufficient capital for your growing business.

Define your growth objectives

Ask yourself basic questions to determine your key objectives, including:

  • Do I have sufficient capital to finance business growth?
  • Do I have having cash flow issues, or am I managing effectively?
  • Am I expanding the business too quickly?
  • Am I hiring too rapidly?
  • Am I collecting my receivables on time?
  • Am I growing to become more profitable or for growth’s sake?
  • Do I have an efficient production line?
  • Is my inventory in line with the business growth?
  • Does my management team possess essential competencies to handle change?

Develop a growth diagnosis

Evaluate how you manage your company and ways to get more control over the business aspects that affect cash flow. A growth diagnosis comprises sales analysis, overhead, receivables, inventory, and assets. Check if your inventory and capital assets take too much of the cash flow, and if they do, take steps to control them. Doing this can help define your refinancing requirements plus avoid future liquidity issues.

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Ensure sustainable growth and strategy

Ensure that your company is not merely undergoing seasonal or one-time-only growth. Next, develop a growth strategy that will enable you to know the risks and opportunities. Your strategy must be a result of looking at internal resources, the economy, the market, your competitors, distribution channels, and demographics.

Forecast your cash requirements

Forecast your cash requirements by analyzing the cash inflow and outflow. Doing so will allow you to determine future cash needs. Knowing this, you can look at your present financial situation and evaluate if adjustments are necessary. You may get extra financing for working capital, restructure your current debt or alter unused assets into cash.

Get the right refinancing 

After reviewing your company, you will better understand your payment state and procedures. Refinancing helps by reducing your monthly payments through debt rescheduling and spreading your payments over a longer period.

A refinancing application is like a financing application. The lender in both cases establishes certain debt repayment conditions that your business needs to fulfill. The lender cannot assume the risk alone if you cannot demonstrate your repayment ability.

Growth stage companies that have grown beyond their early years often face limited options for accessing non-dilutive capital. A debt fund solution like EvolutionX Debt Capital is an alternative answer for source of debt funding to growth stage technology-enabled companies in Asia, focusing on Mainland China, India, and Southeast Asia.


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