“Describe” New Album Announces By Perfume Genius Returns To the Heartland

"Describe" New Album Announces By Perfume Genius Returns To the Heartland

Mike Hadreas (Perfume Genius) is back like you’ve never heard him. Declaring his fifth collection Set My Heart On Fire Immediately Tuesday, he shares the record’s first single titled “Depict,” which discovers Hadreas investigating all-new sonic domain, exemplifying Americana works of art like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, with field filling slide guitars and roots-rock, hands-on mentality.

It’s Hadreas’ first discharge since a year ago’s The Sun Still Burns Here, a melodic move joint effort nearby Seattle choreographer Kate Wallich. 

Obviously, given who Hadreas has been as a craftsman up until now, it feels deliberately rebellious, a play on manly desires and limits. The video opens with Hadreas taking a significant, angry puff of a stogie, wearing a messy white tank top as he possesses a prairie ranch.


"Describe" New Album Announces By Perfume Genius Returns To the Heartland


The video is weighed down with famous strange symbolism, for example, Hadreas’ long-term accomplice and colleague Alan Wyffels bound to a tree by rope similarly as Saint Sebastian. The video was coordinated by Hadreas himself. He portrays it as “an apocalypse where there are no limits, there are no edges, no guidelines, or the standards are totally new with how you connect and the space around you.

” There’s a feeling of profound fellowship borne from living outside the heteronormative look, discovering happiness in life after the end—networks like this must be created from annihilation. 

To a great extent, the collection is by all accounts an investigation of Hadreas’ supported subjects of sex, love, and bodies, just with a newly discovered mythic code and melodic tasteful. “I needed to feel increasingly open, all the more free and profoundly wild,” says Hadreas, “and I’m in a spot now where those emotions are extremely close—yet it can verge on being unhinged.

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I composed these tunes as an approach to be increased understanding, progressively considered—to pull at all these confused strings drifting around me and weave them into something warm, attentive and encouraging.” 

Aroma Genius will before long set out on a North American visit on the side of Tame Impala. You can look at their dates beneath, just as data on the collection. Set My Heart On Fire Immediately will be discharged May 15 on Matador.


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