Do Returnable Bottles Make Sense?


Very often, we are not aware of the impacts we have on the environment. We do not know how much our ecosystem means to us and the impacts that would come if we do not take care of it well. As usual, humans tend to wait for the negative impacts to come in so that they can try to fix them. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Besides, the best impact we should have on the environment is no impact at all. 

However, when we pollute the environment, we are not aware of what we are doing. You might be seated at the beach enjoying your bottle of soft drink playing free spins games, and since there is no trash can near, you decide to leave it there. Imagine if a hundred people decide to do the same thing, then the beach would be packed with bottles everywhere. And behold, it would not be a pleasant view. 

On the other hand, do you know that this could be an avoidable scenario and that it happened because of lack of attention? Fortunately enough, did you know that you could help the environment by returning or reusing the bottles? Well, below, we will see if returnable bottles make sense and their importance. 

What are Returnable Bottles?

For returnable bottles, the customers would return the empty bottles to the retailers, or they would collect them. The retailers would accept them and then return them to the responsible bottle companies. Once there, the bottler would inspect, sanitize, and check for any damaged bottles. After a thorough cleaning, the bottles would be refilled and sent back to the market. In short, it simply is reusing the bottles. The best thing is that you can earn some money when you return the bottles. 

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Returnable bottles can help reduce CO2 emissions and waste. They can also help save energy plus raw materials needed to manufacture other bottles. As a result, the returnable bottles are more environmentally friendly.

For many years, people have been taught about the three Rs: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Recycling is meant to be the last resort. However, for recycling, the customer is the one who is held responsible for their waste rather than the company. Also, recycling comes with a lot of problems, especially when they are single-use plastic bottles, which tend to end up in oceans and harm marine life. Besides, according to a study, only 9% of all the plastic waste produced has been recycled. 

On the other hand, reducing and reusing are simple steps that can make the customers feel good about it since it is something they can handle. For instance, reduce it when you buy and use less whenever possible. Conversely, reuse allows the user to swap the bottle for another refilled one. 

Over the decades, of the three Rs, reuse has always been the least popular. But this is about to change, thanks to a global campaign known as World Refill Day. This will aim at encouraging the public to choose refillable and reusable goods over single-use products.

Final Thoughts

So do returnable bottles make any sense? Well, refillable bottles will be a game-changer. They make a huge difference not only to marine life but to the entire ecosystem. Therefore, yes. The process is a little gesture that can help protect our environment

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