Drake drops New song’ War,’ apparently squashes meat with The Weeknd


Top grossed Artist Drake has decided to gift their fans with something very unique and special for the holiday gift. Drake has released a new song. The song was hidden in a Sound Cloud mixtape. It is coupled with a companion a brand new music video.

On Monday, he launched The featured track-War Tape Volume 1 with his manager’s Oliver El-Khatib’s El-Kuumba.

The very same day the music video was released on Drake‘s official YouTube channel. It showcased the rapper admiring winters with his group of peers on a ski trip.

Drake drops New song' War,' apparently squashes meat with The Weeknd
Drake drops New song’ War,’ apparently squashes meat with The Weeknd

Although, the ski is a perfect holiday for the season. The feel of the snow makes everything in perfect order. The lyrics are have been postulating throughout the internet.

The looks like that Drake and fellow artist The Weeknd may have wrapped up their purported feud. The duo spited after Bella Hadid started seeing Drizzy after her breakup from The Weeknd.

“If a man gets beaky, ring ring, call up Gigi, do him up neatly,” Drake raps. The rhyme that has fans believing he and The Weeknd are finally on good terms again is: “And the boy that sounds like he sang on Thriller, you know that’s been my n. Yeah, we just had to fix things, family, six tings, we can’t split up.”

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