Each Shoe Tells A Different Story: Check Out These 10 Types Of Men’s Shoes For Various Occasions


A pair of shoes that you wear today can be a game-changer for a lifetime. Spanning comfort to class, shoes are capable of redefining the vantage point from where the world sees you. What a bliss it is to know that there’s an abundance of the types of shoes for men, each telling a tale at their own fashionable pace! If you happen to stumble upon the cluster of shoes and wonder what is there to add, try playing in varieties. Not every pair accompanies every occasion and thus, we have a list of 10 types of men’s shoes that are too essential to not be seen in your collection. So, start checking them off the list.

Different Types of Men’s Shoes for Every Occasion

  • Sneakers

Trends come and go, but sneakers stay forever. Whether you’re a shoe fanatic or not, you still must have a pair of cool-headed sneakers in your collection. After all, they exude a casual demeanor that goes with almost everything. Invest in a simple pair of kicks and you will come to know how impeccably they compliment your head-to-toe attire. That’s the best thing about sneakers – you don’t have to fret over the choice of the right outfit to put them on. Go with jeans or chinos, it’ll be a fashion game to bet for.

  • Oxfords

Oxfords will never disappoint you. The classic, old-world charm of this type of shoe is the characteristic to vouch for. Featuring close lace and minimal heel, they make for an elegant pair without bargaining on the variety. So, put them on for your regular working hours or to attend a smart-casual party, you will be glad to do that. The versatility and sophistication of these shoes for men make them a must-have in every man’s closet and if you don’t have a pair already, then this is your sign to shop.

  • Loafers

Another classic must-have. When counting the types of shoes every man should own, it’d be an injustice to not mention loafers. Tracing from a leather look on the upper side to a flat heel, these shoes echo classic in their own distinct style. The best thing about this type of shoe is that they can make you look calm-minded, versatile, graceful, and everything stylish in one wear. And that’s the perfect excuse to maintain your confidence subtly on days when you need a no-brainer in your wardrobe. Loafers are semi-formal, possessing a pinch of casualness, which means that you can wear them wherever you want – with or without socks.

  • Chelsea

One of the most popular shoes for men, Chelsea boots come with elastic side panels featuring a pull tab at the bottom on their back. They are the type of slip-on leather boots with an easygoing design and making that can be used to compliment almost any kind of look, from a casual outing to business meetings. This charmer pair is pretty lightweight and look most pleasant to the eyes in black or soft brown leather uppers. In a nutshell, there’s no reason why a man shouldn’t have this one.

  • Walking Shoes

Comfort is in the name of these shoes. Walking shoes are a whole different section of shoes for men that is designed and devised to promote comfortable walking. The rubberized outsole, lace-up front, and the cushioning inside are some of the foremost characteristics of these shoes. These shoes are made keeping in mind the support system for your gait and back-to-front movement. 

  • Derby

Derby is a cousin of oxford. While you might feel tempted to prefer the former to the latter, it’d be wise to not do that as these two shoes for men are not the same. Derby shoes for men, unlike the oxford, feature an open lacing system and flaps that are sewn under the vamp. The kind of stitching they have aid comfort in the flaps, making them easy for you to walk in. Feel free to put on a derby for a formal atmosphere, but don’t forget that they are more of a casual pair.

  • Monk

Monk shoes are the ones with a strap and a buckle, which makes them a one-of-a-kind pair in your collection. This type of shoes for men comes in two common variations – single monk and double monk. While the former has a single strap and buckle, the latter features two straps and a buckle. These shoes are all things sophisticated, classic, timeless, sturdy and effortlessly charming. You can have their company in both formal or casual environments. The look and making of these shoes approve of making a statement. Whether you wear a casual shirt or suit, or any kind of garment, team it up with monk shoes as they have the prowess to adorn every step you take with their undefined, unique charm.

  • Brogues

If you haven’t picked a pair of shoes with broguing on the outer leather, now is the time to do that. Brogues are oxfords at the core, but there are ornamental perforations on their upper part that make them what they are. The distinguished pattern of these shoes doesn’t really allow any other type of shoes for men to replace them. And that’s the fun. Go with the brown ones as the uniqueness of Brogues flaunts the best in this color. Here’s an important note: this pair is not a go for utterly formal events, but it still manages to be versatile and can make you look wonderful in business attire or casual garments.

  • Dress boots

Dress boots do not stand out from the crowd of oxfords or derby, but they do come with higher ankles and a richer quality of leather. You will find them decorated with keen details such as lacing, perforations, etc. It is one of the best types of shoes for men to wear during winter. They will look good with your business attire, but the best with jeans and a leather jacket.

  • Chukka Boots

Chukka boots count among the casual types of leather shoes for men. If we talk about their agenda, they are not intended for your suit. They are rather a pair that helps you replace sneakers from time to time. Are you planning to go smart casual? If yes, then give chukka boots a try and you’ll feel good about that. The difference between sneakers and chukka boots is that the latter can be teamed up with dressy attire. Chukka boots remain dedicated to all cool and casual outfits.

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Shoes: An Investment to Remember

Shoes are the ‘make or break’ for your money. More than anything else, they are meant to be comfortable and easy on your feet – no matter what type of pairs you wear. And the rest is a style game, which is a non-negotiable aspect if you want to look your best and appropriate as and when an occasion demands. From summers to winters, casual or formal, make sure to have pairs that look apt for the given situation. Be comfortable and confident with our range of shoes for men


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