EA’s cloud gaming service launches a surprise public test


Only ardent game lovers will know the importance of being up to date with the gaming updates, software and their compatibility with various devices. 

Recently, EA announced, that it will be launching a free test trial for the public who are the best review to any new launch or update. Public give the most honest review and critics as they have nobody to be biased towards. They honestly appreciate a thing they like and have no second thought in expressing their criticism for a thing they are not ready to stand for.

Why is the trial so important

EA’s purpose to launch this trial is to see how these games perform in the real gaming mode when the users and gamers use it and it is not under the testing period. This is truly an innovative way to check for the finer and minute details to make the product absolutely worth the price and loved among the masses. 

EA’s cloud gaming service launches a surprise public test

Apparently, Ken Moss, EA’s chief technology officer, wants to further introduce the game to many more devices, on which they will be compatible, like the smart TVs, Mac Laptops and PCs, tablets and smartphones. 

EA has thus launched the trial online on the cloud for a time period of 2 weeks. 

The players are always benefitted, as they are important

Players have to register and sign in, into the clod account and services, The players may then be able to play, Unravel, Need for Speed Rivals, FIFA 19 and Titanfall 2. The players can interact with other players on the regular PC version. Also, the most satisfying and convincing part among the players is the fact that the trial versions of the games can be synced(game progress) with the PC version after the trial ends.

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