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Access to Sports

While live sports remain a major attraction for cable subscribers, the same content is available from dedicated streaming services for Access to Sports. In fact, fans can get even more from these services, such as games from local, national, and global networks. In this blog, you will know Easy Access to Sports – GameChanger.

Streamers, however, tend to focus on professional sports. You’ll find the big four sports leagues represented (the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL), as well as soccer, boxing, golf, and more. And they’re huge markets, not just when it comes to viewership, but also with sports betting, sponsorship, merchandise, and more. But what about amateur sports? There’s certainly a market for them. Parents are one particularly hungry sub-market wanting to see their children play – or, at least, know what the score is – when they can’t attend live.

A New Kind of Sports Streaming

One sports streaming service that has been making waves recently is GameChanger. The streaming and team management app with scorekeeping functionality now offers seven new sports. It already offered this feature for baseball, basketball, and softball, but earlier this year added field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, and water polo to the mix.

GameChanger not only supports game streaming but also automated-sound and text-based play-by-play. And its artificial intelligence feature allows for a scoreboard overall that gives the feel of a professional broadcast. 

GameChanger president Sameer Ahuja said that they’ve always planned to expand their technology to new sports, but that they wanted to approach it in a thoughtful manner. Every team sport scores and streams differently, so they made sure the app was sufficiently flexible to meet the demands of each team.

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As well as providing streaming and scorekeeping, it also provides stats and recap stories. The app is free for scorekeepers, team admins, and coaches. However, some features, such as stat overviews and live game scores are free for anyone with a GameChanger account. The Premium Fan Content provides plays, in-game alerts, and more.

The Premise

Technology continues to impact businesses in a positive way. Often, it can even be the force behind a brand new business idea. The idea behind GameChanger is that by providing coaches with free software in exchange for information, the app can manage a huge pool of data that both fans and parents can appreciate, making a significant impact on the amateur sports market

Any team, coach, or scorekeeper can create a schedule, roster, and team, either on the app or on the app’s website. A Team Admin records what’s going on in the game on the app while the action takes place by taping basic menus to score each play. Fans instantly get a live GameStream of plays and stats from the app or website. Once the game is over, 150 stats, game recap stories, and spray charts are made available online.

The History

Kiril Savino and Ted Sullivan co-founded GameChanger in 2010 for easy access to sports. In its first year, it joined forces with Little League to launch the Litter League Scorekeeper. GameChanger’s software powered the only Authorised Little League scorekeeping app. 

In its second year, GameChanger brought more partners on board in the form of USA Baseball, Perfect Game, the Cal Ripken World Series, and MaxPreps. In its third year, it scored its one millionth game. Seeing as the big four sports have played fewer than one million games in their combined history, GameChanger can boast that it’s collected the world’s largest collection of sports data.

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GameChanger was acquired by Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2016. Sport governing bodies have been using the app to Access to Sports, with its use mandated by the Virginia High School League to track baseball pitch count in 2017.


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