EXCLUSIVE : Galarian Ponyta is confirmed for Pokémon Shield

EXCLUSIVE : Galarian Ponyta is confirmed for Pokémon Shield
EXCLUSIVE : Galarian Ponyta is confirmed for Pokémon Shield

The Pokémon Company has substantiated that Galarian Ponyta exists and that it is exclusive to the Pokémon Shield in the new issue of Famitsu magazine.

The magazine also provided the fans with the first official pictures of the Pokémon in action, along with some artwork and some snippets of evidence in Japanese.

The Pokémon is put to be the counter to Sirfetch’d, which was indicated a few weeks ago as a Pokémon Sword restricted.

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This implies that trainers can only acquire Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d in Sword and Galarian Ponyta and Galarian Rapidash in Shield.

EXCLUSIVE : Galarian Ponyta is confirmed for Pokémon Shield
EXCLUSIVE: Galarian Ponyta is confirmed for Pokémon Shield

Not much else is recognized about Galarian Ponyta, however. It will be a Psychic-type Pokémon that has an undivided ability that will stop it and any Pokémon on your area from being poisoned. Pokémon Sword and Shield inaugurate on Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15.

The pastel unicorn-Esque beast galloping through the 24-hour Pokémon Sword and Shield live is, surely, Galarian Ponyta.

The Pokémon Company circulated new details on the “Unicorn Horn Pokémon” this dawn after enthusiasts spotted its glistening mane numerous times in the 24-hour stream.

The creator also confirmed that Galarian Ponyta is a Shield limited — it is certainly not going to be simple to choose between Sirfetch’d a Sword restricted, and this pastel composition.

Two abilities listed for Galarian Ponyta are “Pastel Veil” and “Run Away,” which clarifies why she was so mysterious on screen.

The Pokémon Company interpreted Pastel Veil as a capacity that “prevents the Pokémon and its supporters from being poisoned.” Pastel Veil can also fix poisoned Pokémon from its ailment when it meets a battle.

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Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, established in the new Galar region, will be broadcasted on Nov. 15 for Nintendo Switch. On Nov. 8, Nintendo will publish a Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield-themed edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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