Exercising during pregnancy can benefit tissue health


It is very safe to say that pregnancy is one of the happiest phases of almost every woman’s life. From diet plans to maternity wear–everything on the checklist is ticked off as soon as she finds out.

But is her daily exercise box checked?

A study recently published in the journal Physiological Reports suggests that exercising during pregnancy can help in restoring tissues and can offer better health for both the mother and her fetus.

If you suffer at the hand of fatigue and backache, which are very common during pregnancy, regular exercise can help with that too. Also, when you go into labor, you will need stamina and keeping up with a daily routine of exercise can help you achieve exactly that.

Exercising during pregnancy can benefit tissue health
Exercising during pregnancy can benefit tissue health

Study suggests that the exercise affects key signaling pathways – the ways that molecules and cells within tissue communicate – involved in responding to insulin (the hormone that stimulates glucose uptake by white adipose tissue and skeletal muscle), in storage and breakdown of lipids (fats found in the blood and tissue), and in the growth and synthesis of proteins.

If not active then you can face another hurdle – being overweight. Too much weight is another problem that you can face during pregnancy which can lead to gestational diabetes. This can be risky. In this case, both the mother and fetus are at the risk of exposing themselves to type-2 diabetes.

Consult your doc, take a heads up, and then try these exercises out to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Brisk walking
  2. Swimming
  3. Yoga
  4. Squats
  5. Low-impact aerobics
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Word of caution!

Pregnancy is a delicate time and before you jump on to anything, consult your gynecologist first.

Whatever form of exercise you choose, please don’t overdo it. Remember the keyword here is moderation. Eat and exercise in moderation.


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