Expert on Amazon Tribes Killed by Arrow From Uncontacted Group

Expert on Amazon tribes killed by arrow from uncontacted group

Rieli Franciscato, a Brazilian government official, was isolated in the Amazon tribes to seek an indigenous tribe’s protection. Unfortunately, one of the people from the indigenous group shot him with an arrow. The incident took his life within a few minutes.

Franciscato was 56 years old and his career went around the indigenous affairs of the government. He was working towards setting up reservations to protect the uncontacted tribes.

How did Rieli Franciscato become a victim to the Amazon tribes?

On September 9, he went a bit close to the hitherto indigenous group. He was soon shot by an arrow that struck him right above his heart while he was near Uru Eu Wau Wau’s reservation. The place locates in Rondonia, a state in western Brazil and near the border of Bolivia.

The brave man started crying right away but managed to take out the weapon from his body. He also ran for 50 meters but then collapsed lifelessly. A policeman went along with him on this expedition and stated how this incident took place. Further, he recorded audio describing the tragic incident and posted it on social media.

Rieli Franciscato helped start an NGO called Kanindé during the 1980s. He said that the group could not differentiate between someone friendly or an enemy from the world outside theirs.

There is an increasing number of indigenous people increasing in Brazil. These people threaten others as they invade illegally and grab their land, belongings, and more. The President, Jair Bolsonaro, wishes to develop Amazon and lower the amount of indigenous reservations. However, the people working towards it are always at risk.

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Franciscato’s friend, Ivaneide Cardozo, said that they are bewildered by numerous deaths in Brazil, which don’t respect indigenous rights. The man is also the co-founder of Kanindé association and grieved by the loss of his partner.


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