Facebook : Search Ads are Now Available to All Advertisers

Facebook Latest Update- Making New GIFs Tab for Stories
Facebook Latest Update- Making New GIFs Tab for Stories

After testing ads for a year in the News Feed and Marketplace search results, Facebook is rolling out search ad placement additional generally to any or all advertisers.

The ads can seem in results for search terms that have industrial intent, like searches for industrial product connected to the e-commerce, retail or auto vertical.

Currently, search ad placement is on the market on mobile solely.

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To have ads seem in search results, advertisers will either choose “Automatic Placement” for his or her News Feed ads or choose the “Facebook Search Results” placement in Ads Manager when creating a News Feed ad campaign.

Facebook : Search Ads are Now Available to All Advertisers
Facebook: Search Ads are Now Available to All Advertisers

Search ad placement is not a standalone option advertiser must be running a News Feed ad to have the ad also show up in search results.

Targeting for ads in search is supported by the advertiser’s chosen people-based targeting choices additionally to relevant search term keywords.

The keywords are determined by Facebook, not the adman, and take into account a combination of ad features

The placement is going to be enclosed mechanically once Automatic Placements are employed in any new campaign, however, advertisers may manually choose the location themselves.

If they don’t need their ad campaigns to incorporate general and/or Marketplace search results as placements, advertisers ought to deselect Automatic Placements, and select or deselect chosen placements, accordingly.

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Facebook’s search ad placement could be a boon for any adman running a product sales or conversion-focused campaign.

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By gap up this ad placement to additional advertisers, Facebook is giving marketers direct access to users who are actively searching for their product or service on the platform.

As Facebook’s ad inventory becomes even additional saturated, new ad placement choices like search offer advertisers in a favorable position by permitting them to run their ads in areas of the platform not yet overrun with competitor advertising.


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