Facebook – Top Features One Should Know About It


Facebook just announced some of the many features they have developed over the past decade. This has been made possible by reinventing their platform time and time again to suit the changing needs of their users.

It is evident that Facebook continues to create new features that can help you stay connected to your friends, work more efficiently, and share your thoughts with others globally. If you’re not already a member, it’s time for you to join this incredible social media platform! This list includes:

This is a new Facebook videos feature that lets users create short films. Each video can be up to 15 seconds long and they are turned into GIFs. Then the Reels are automatically added to your timeline. You can also add text and draw to it. Aside from your content, Reels also use trending topics, popular music, and clips from other videos in a similar manner to Instagram stories. If your reel is not watched by many then you can also prefer to buy Facebook followers.

  • Watch Party:

Watching videos online is one way of getting entertained but Facebook Watch Party brings you together with friends in real life when you’re watching something on Facebook. It consists of an app for iOS and Android devices and works best with smartphones that have a screen size of 6 inches or more.

  • Planet of the Apps:

The planet is an app incubator that gives aspiring developers a chance to make their newest apps known to the public through social media. You can watch videos and follow apps that you’re interested in, just like other Facebook pages. It will feature some of the most innovative and exciting apps that have been created with the help of developers or they can become part of the app incubator itself.

  • Stories Search:

Facebook stories is a feature that lets users send disappearing photos, videos, polls, stickers & live content to their friends and followers. You can now search for them with this new feature as well. The search function is available for desktop and not mobile devices though. It searches all stories that are public, not just from your friends.

  • Wholesome News:

Facebook is trying hard to encourage its users to go for news that is positive because of the recent changes in their algorithms. On a regular basis, you are likely to come across stories with controversial or even negative comments but there are also plenty of posts that encourage individuals to do better and spread positivity around them.

You can schedule your future posts to Facebook through reminders. Just click on the reminder notice and it will appear in your calendar and you can set a specific date, time, and location for your post. You can also leave a note for your friends who may be catering the event and invite them too.

  • Edit Photos More Effectively:

You may not be an expert with photo editing but Facebook has made it possible for you to use other apps to edit photos on your own. All you need to do is click on the camera button at the bottom of a photo that you want to edit from the main screen of your news feed and there will be a range of options for editing your photos more effectively as well.

  • Shop Now:

You can now shop online for anything online, anywhere anytime just via Facebook. You don’t need to open a separate app or website anymore and instead, you can do it from your news feed. Just like how you are able to buy things from Instagram Directs, you can place an order for any item with this new feature as well.

  • Live Video:

Live video makes it possible for you to broadcast various events that are happening in real time by using your mobile device, such as concerts, sports matches and interviews among others. Just tap the button, start recording and then stop. You can also make comments and share it with your friends.

  • Emoji Keyboard:

This new update to Facebook lets you experiment with a variety of different fonts, sizes, colors and icons. This update is likely to be a huge hit among all users as the use of emojis has increased from 75 billion to 1 trillion in 2017 alone. To access this feature, simply log in to your Facebook account on any mobile or desktop device and then click on the keyboard icon at the top right corner of your news feed page. 

  • See Others’ Posts:

You can now see which posts from your friends are liked by them or which ones they commented on. All your friends can now see which of your posts have been liked, who you have commented on them and which ones you have been tagged in. A similar feature is available for messages from other users too.


These are only some of the many new features available for Facebook users. Aside from them, you can also creatively use photos and/or videos to share important events like your graduation, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

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